From Hunted by the Cyborg: Carter Aymes sees his heroine….#SneakPeek #Excerpt #scifirom

For your reading pleasure, here’s an excerpt from the beginning of Hunted by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 6), to be published in January 2018. This is unedited.

Hunted by the Cyborg

By Cara Bristol

Damn his cyborg vision.

Carter scrubbed his eyes, wishing he could unsee the mass of naked humanity and alien on parade, but that was impossible.

Spaceport Authority required commercial passengers to don SA-issued travel suits on commercial flights. To the average eye, the suits appeared to be white, zip-up unitards. To security scanners, the special polymer fabric was invisible, allowing the machines to detect and neutralize contraband or weapons concealed on one’s person. To cyborg eyes…also invisible. An unforeseen, unintended, unfortunate occurrence. He’d seen things no man should be forced to witness.

He averted his gaze only to have it rivet on a tall brunette striding among the crowd. He could see only her back as she marched ahead of him, but the shifting upside down heart of her shapely derriere offered a sight for sore eyes.

Nice ass.

Sexy legs, too. Long, shapely. Through the transparent unitard he saw smooth unblemished skin, the color of those milk-infused coffee drinks so many people favored, giving her a natural tan. Gentle waves of chestnut hair dusted her slender back. The hair, that ass, her creamy skin reminded him of—

“Excuse me! Excuse me! I have to catch my shuttle.” A male passenger blew by and pushed his way through the crowd. As the woman moved to let him pass, Carter caught a glimpse of her profile.

I’ll be go-to-hell!  “Liza?” Carter darted forward to catch up to her. “Liza!”

She halted, but peered at him with a blank expression. “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

“Carter,” he said. “Carter Aymes.”

* * *

Carter appears as a secondary character in every book of the Cy-Ops Sci-fi cyborg romance series. You can meet him in Stranded with Cyborg, currently FREE.

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  1. Lisa Medley says:

    Uh oh, pretty sure he just spotted trouble ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love the excerpt!

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