Getting back into the swing of things…slooowly

not in kansas 2

We’re not in Kansas, anymore, Toto.

Last Thursday, my husband and I returned from a 19-day trip to Europe. It included a seven-day Danube River Cruise with hotel add-ons in Prague on the front end and Budapest on the back end. We saw a lot of beautiful country, met some nice people, ate a lot, shopped and had a great time. Prague is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit if you are interested to learn more you could visit somewhere like to find out more before you decide to travel.


No trip to Europe would be complete without a fancy church picture.

It was the first trip I’d taken in years in which I did not bring my laptop, so for me it was a real vacation. I thought it would be hard to disconnect, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. I did check email and Facebook from my phone.

Getting there and back was grueling, partly because we used our air miles for part of the trip to save money and the flights weren’t convenient. Going there, we flew (west) from Kansas City, Mo to San Francisco ( then back east across the US) to Zurich then to Prague. Coming home, we flew from Budapest to Zurich to San Francisco to Seattle, where we spent the night in a hotel, then flew to Kansas City the next morning after which we had a 3-hour drive home.

We left Budapest the morning of Wednesday the 18th and walked in the door at 9 p.m. on Thursday, the 19th.

On Friday, I dropped in to see my mom, went grocery shopping, sorted through the mail, did laundry, paid bills, etc.

postcard perfect

Doesn’t this look like a jigsaw puzzle picture?

Friday evening, my husband I both became ill. It wasn’t pretty, people. We spent all night in the bathroom, most of the next day in bed. I don’t think it was something we picked up in Europe—we suspect it was the hamburgers we ate on the way home from the KC airport.

Saturday morning I managed to go through the edits for Mated with the Cyborg I’d gotten from my editor during my absence and emailed them back to her. On Sunday, I started revisions to a sooper sekrit Rod and Cane story that will be released in an anthology slated for February. I’d written the 15K first draft in the week before I’d left on vacation. I’d promised it to my editor by Dec. 1 and it’s due to the organizer in January.

On Monday, I started writing a dozen guests blogs/interviews for the Mated with the Cyborg book tour I scheduled with Goddess Fish Promotions.

not my hand

This isn’t my hand in the photo.

On Tuesday, my nephew, his new wife and father-in-law arrived from out-of-town for an overnight visit.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I was going to cook (ha ha ha ha), but fortunately neighbors invited us over for dinner and all I have make is the yams and cranberry sauce.

I think I need another vacation.

Want to see more photos? Scroll down.



a sound of music

These statues were in the movie, A Sound of Music.

big painting

A really BIG painting in a Hungarian art museum. There I am on the right.

kansas 3

The Parliament building (I think, if I remember correctly) in Budapest.


A Holocaust memorial in Budapest. People can buy a leaf and engrave it with the name of a Hungarian relative who died in the Holocaust and hang it on the Weeping Willow tree.

At at outdoor food fair. I sure am glad they translated!

At at outdoor food fair. I sure am glad they translated!

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14 Responses to Getting back into the swing of things…slooowly

  1. So whose hand was it if it wasn’t yours, huh????? 😉 Photos look great, travel itself does not sound like it would be fun and neither does getting sick! Hope you’re feeling back to yourself. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Just as I snapped the photo, a woman reached up so her husband could take her picture. I decided to keep the shot.

      I feel real good today! Back to normal, finally. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Do you celebrate it?

  2. Lisa Medley says:

    Sure it wasn’t your hand. You fit right into that painting. Looks like an awesome trip 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      If I had’t mentioned I was next to the painting, no one would probably have known I was there! We did have a lovely time.

  3. Leigh Smith says:

    Welcome Home – beautiful pictures and it sounds like it was a wonderful trip if you discount the coming and going. Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank heavens for great neighbors and friends.

  4. Laurel Lasky says:

    It sounds fabulous and I loved the photo. Welcome home and happy thanksgiving.

  5. Glad you’re feeling better. Welcome home!

    Did you say you wrote a 15K story in a week?

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Yep. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s due to my editor Dec. 1. I knew I had to have it done before I left on my trip because when I came home, there wouldn’t be enough time and I wouldn’t be in the writing frame of mind. So I powered through it. Thank goodness I did, because I had no idea I would get sick. I’m doing a final proof this weekend before sending it to my editor.

      I think the story has a nice flow and a moodiness to it that is so cool. It’s pretty hot too. (She says humbly, lol).

  6. Addy Raine says:

    Gorgeous photos! Welcome home. 🙂

  7. Jule Kijek says:

    Glad to hear you had fun. I often need a vacation after my vacation. Glad to have you back on American soil.

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