Guest author: Natasha Knight on Aching to Submit…

By Natasha Knight

Hi Cara, thanks so much for having me here to talk about my new book, Aching to Submit. This story is very close to my heart and was actually quite difficult to write. It pushed me in so many ways to face a lot of emotions I normally prefer to just gloss over… but it’s finished and now that I’m a few weeks from having written ‘The End’, I’m very happy to have had the experience and the learning.

Sophie, the heroine, is probably the character who most closely resembles me out of all the female characters I’ve written. She’s had this kink she’s been hiding all her life but one thing on top of another on top of another puts us in a pressure cooker and she was about to explode. She did the only thing she could think to do while still remaining loyal to her husband: she secretly started to go to a BDSM club. She’s lucky in that she meets Kyan there, the club’s owner who takes her under his wing. Here’s a scene from her first night at the club:

Aching to Submit Excerpt:

Sophie climbed the steep, circling iron stairs with Kyan close at her back. She stepped onto the landing to find the corridor completely silent and she turned to Kyan, unsure what to do. There were six doors that led off the corridor all of which were closed. At eye level were small 5″ by 5″ windows. Some were still dark but from two, light shone through. He gestured in the direction of one of the doors. “Adam and Rebecca are inside that one,” he said. “Just a little background, they are a married couple with children. They’re fairly new to BDSM and quite private. They rent a room here twice a month to play without being caught by their kids at home,” he said. “They’ve only played in public a handful of times.”

“Are we going to look inside?” she asked. “I mean, if they want privacy…”

“They’re aware they may be observed.”

Sophie thought about this, the idea of someone watching her if she were ever in a similar situation, and found the idea more arousing than anything else.

They passed another door on their way and she glanced inside, stopping immediately.

“Keep moving, Sophie,” he said.

“But… what’s happening in there?” she asked. The woman in the room was bound and by the looks of her, very upset.

“That’s a punishment. I don’t think it would be appropriate for you to witness that on your first night here.”

“Punishment?” she asked, the beginnings of the arousal she’d felt moments ago now turning to white heat. Why was she turned on by that word alone?

“Please keep moving,” he said, his voice just a little harder.

She looked at him and did as he said, the image of what she’d glimpsed, of the woman bound and bent over at the waist, the stripes of the cane the man was swinging already clearly marking the flesh of her bottom and thighs, now burning like a brand on her brain.

“Here,” he said, turning her so she faced the window and coming to stand behind her, his hands firmly planted on her shoulders.

“Adam is trying the crop on Rebecca tonight,” he said. They only got here a little bit ago so looks like we’re right on time.”

Sophie was stunned at what she saw before her. The room was furnished with just one high backed wooden chair at its center. Adam and Rebecca stood close together. She was naked and he wore a pair of tight jeans, his chest was bare, his arms muscular. In one of his hands he held a riding crop but it wasn’t that that caught and held her attention. It was the way he was holding her. Although Sophie couldn’t make out the expression on her face, she must have been upset because they stood inches apart, foreheads together, his fingertips on her face. His lips were moving and she was nodding. They stayed like that for a few minutes, Adam speaking some words which Sophie thought must be assurances of some sort, and Rebecca listening, nodding now and then. He then kissed her forehead, or truly simply pressed his lips to her forehead and they held there in a most intimate, tender gesture.

Sophie would have turned away, feeling like she was intruding on something too private, but when she tried, Kyan’s hands on her shoulders held her in place.

“Watch,” he said. “You want to. It’s one of the reasons you came.”

She didn’t answer but did as he said. Adam released Rebecca who glanced once at the long black leather crop he held. Sophie could see the hesitation in her eyes but when she turned once more to her husband and he nodded, she went to the chair and bent over it so her belly was pressed up against the high back. She set her feet to the outsides of the back legs and bent forward so far that she could grip the lowest part of the front legs.

The way the chair and now Rebecca were positioned, Sophie had a perfect view onto the woman’s bottom and with her legs spread as they were, her glistening sex as well as the sparkling crystal that made up the base of the plug she held inside her anus. The flesh of her plump buttocks were already reddened. Sophie swallowed, her panties more than a little moist now as she watched the woman prepare herself.

“He’s already… spanked her?” saying that word out loud made her blush furiously.

“He’s prepared her to receive the crop,” Kyan said from behind her. She noticed how he stood close but didn’t actually touch her aside from his hands on her shoulders.

Adam positioned himself and Sophie could see the bulge that took up the front of his pants. He lifted the crop to Rebecca’s waiting buttocks and rubbed the square tip across it. He said something Sophie couldn’t hear before lifting his arm and, with a flick of his wrist, brought the crop down.

Sophie gasped and jumped. Kyan chuckled at her reaction.

Aching to Submit Blurb:

Though deeply in love with her husband Michael, for years Sophie has longed to give him not only her love, but her submission as well. In spite of her yearning to kneel at his feet, fear of rejection keeps her from sharing the truth with him. Though she would never give her body to another man, her need to submit drives her to seek out others like herself and learn more… until Michael discovers her deception and she fears her marriage may be over.

Despite the anger and sadness which tear at his heart when he learns that his wife has kept such an important secret from him, Michael is not going to give up the love of his life without a fight. It will take time, but he is more than ready to be the man she needs, the man to whom she will gladly submit. First, though, she must be firmly disciplined for her betrayal of his trust…

Standing naked before her husband, awaiting a punishment which will bring her to tears and leave her bare bottom red and sore, submission suddenly feels truly real to Sophie for the first time. As Michael asserts his dominance more and more with each passing day, Sophie begins to see him in a way she has never seen him before, and her desire for him seems to know no bounds. But is this just a second honeymoon of sorts, or will Sophie’s submission endure through the trials of everyday life?

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15 Responses to Guest author: Natasha Knight on Aching to Submit…

  1. Thanks for having me, Cara. 🙂

  2. Tara Finnegan says:

    I love the entire premise for this book – in many ways I suspect it’s the journey for many entering into the D/s lifestyle. What a wonderful excerpt too. – really hot

  3. Casey McKay says:

    I agree with Tara, love the premise of the book! And I love the hot snippets you release, Natasha 🙂

  4. Renee Rose says:

    mmm, very hot. The only spankings I’ve witnessed are on spanking tube. 🙂

  5. Viola says:

    Some time ago, before coming out to my husband, the idea of going to a BDSM club did actually cross my mind. (Never told you this one, N.)
    I’m such a chicken though and, even accompanied, I would have never done something like that. I totally understand what drove Sophie to go that way.

    Nice excerpt.

  6. Great excerpt and post, Natasha!
    This one is giving me such chills right now, I can’t wait to read it!

    Watching the spanking is hot!
    But I agree, I’m not sure I would have the guts to go into a club by myself.

    Congratulations! This book is going to be so good!!
    (Can you tell I’m excited??!)

  7. You lay out a scene so well, Natasha. I have always been very intrigued by fetish club’s. I think if I had stayed single into adulthood I would have ventures out to one. It was not to be though. I’m far too intimidated by the idea now. It’s very satisfying to sate my curiosity by reading about them though!

    • I sometimes wonder if I’m missing out but to be honest, what I imagine is what I like and think it might be fairly confronting in real life. Really, I’m just a big chicken so we can hang together and read…

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