Hiding at a pleasure resort SEEMED like a good idea, an excerpt from Cyborg Rogue

Cyborg Kai Andros, pretending to be an android, goes undercover on an alien space station. When he learns the enemy alien general intends kill his own daughter, he goes off mission to rescue her. He takes her to a pleasure resort to lay low for while. (At this point in the story, Mariska knows that her protector is not an android).

But then the worst happens…

An excerpt from Cyborg Rogue

“Get down!” Kai threw Mariska onto the bed and himself on top of her. Glass hammered the roof in a downpour.

KABOOM! A percussive wave blew out the lanai door, showering them with shards. Cries from beyond the beach pierced the air.

He hugged Mariska, shielding her with his body. “Don’t move,” he said into her ear.

“What’s happening?” she cried.

He remained on top of her, holding his breath, bracing for another blast. When none came, he lifted his head cautiously. Listened. Screams had subsided. “Stay here. I’m going to have a look.” He rolled off her.

His jaw dropped at the sight beyond the lanai.

The water had vanished! The dome had shattered, releasing an ocean flood. Only wet sand remained.

Kai flung open the main door and gaped at the destruction. Jagged chunks of glass glittered in the sand beyond which the flooded garden was visible. Bodies lay strewn while survivors, many of them naked, fled from the regiment of helmeted soldiers storming toward the beach.

He slammed the door and dragged the armoire to barricade it. It wouldn’t stop the soldiers for an instant, and the open veranda offered its own invitation.

“Go! Go!” He grabbed Mariska’s arm and pushed her toward the lavatory. “Get inside. Don’t make a sound. No matter what you hear.”

“What’s going on?”

“Lamis-Odg blew out the dome.” Kai grabbed his small pocket blaster, his sole weapon. Fuck the rules. He should have sneaked more off the Panthera.

“Let me help!” She resisted his efforts to shield her, but he forced her into the lavatory, locked the door, and dragged a dresser in front of it. He tipped over the bed and hauled it to opposite side of the room as a shield just as a robot bounded onto the veranda.

Kai fired.

The android soldier’s chest exploded, and his body flew over the rail. Three more bots thudded onto the deck; he deactivated two of them, but the third got off a shot. Photons whizzed by Kai’s right ear. From behind the bed, he retaliated and caught the robot in the face. His head blew off, but it didn’t slow him down because his operating system was in his chest. It did render him sightless, and the android’s next shot went wild.

A direct hit to his torso finished him off. The smoking body collapsed.

The locked door burst open, ejecting the armoire across the room to crash and splinter against the wall.

Soldiers rushed through the open door and from the lanai.

Kai eliminated three more bots. From the corner of his eye, he spotted an android taking aim. Before he could duck, the bot released the photon stream. It struck his arm, then, like a net, wrapped around his body, and activated. White hot electricity blazed through his electronic and human nervous system. Trussed in a spiral of electric current, he fell, writhing in agony.

His microprocessor went dark, but his human mind remained alert. Hot needles stabbed at his neurons, causing muscles to seize in painful rigor. Spittle foamed out of his mouth. Have to warn..Have to… Vocal cords paralyzed, he couldn’t utter as much as a whisper, let alone a shout. And what could he warn her to do? Stay in the bathroom? Flee out the window? What would that buy her? Seconds?

Heavy boots crunched on glass. A cape around his shoulders, Obido swept into the room. Kai had never felt so helpless in his life. He’d never been so helpless. Unable to move or speak. His eyelids were frozen; he couldn’t blink, could only stare at the ceiling as the general assessed the situation. Obido pointed to the barricaded bathroom. “Is my…daughter…in there?”

“Unknown, General,” an android responded.

“Open it,” he ordered.

The android shoved aside the dresser and tore the door from its hinges.

Mariska emerged. “Father! Thank the Great One, you’ve come. This android deactivated the pilot and hijacked the shuttle.” She didn’t spare him a glance as she stepped over his body.

Doubt slammed into him. Was she pretending she’d been taken hostage to save herself? Or had she been lying to him?

“I control my sector. Nobody thwarts my orders or takes what is mine,” Obido said.

She squared her shoulders. “I am ready to proceed to Katnia.”

Mariska, no! He’d shown her what the Ka-Tȇ were, what they did, what they would do to her. Get up! Do something! He ordered his body to leap to its feet but couldn’t get a single muscle fiber to obey.

Cyborg Rogue blurb

He isn’t supposed to save her…or fall in love

When cyborg Kai Andros pretends to be an android to infiltrate an enemy space station, his orders are simple. Get in. Gather the intel on the terrorist organization. Get out.

Then he meets Mariska, the daughter of the alien enemy general. She’s beautiful, innocent of any atrocities, and marked for death by her own father. Disobeying orders from Cy-Ops, Kai abandons his mission to defend her.

Now Cyber Operations and the terrorists are on their tail. Can a rogue cyborg outrun them all to save the woman he has come to love?

Cyborg Rogue was previously titled Mated with the Cyborg.

Available on Amazon, BN, iBooks, Google, and Kobo.

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