Highlights and forecasts: spanking books, cookies and hops

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend.  My little corner of the world is busy, busy, busy. Here’s a wrap-up with the highlights from last week and a sunny forecast for the days ahead.

Business from last week:

  • Congratulations to “Natasha Donohoo,” the 49th commenter on my Valentines GiftMilestones-Final Hop post. She won the $25 Amazon gift certificate. Eight-seven people posted comments. Thank you to all who participated. A big thanks to Skye Warren who organized and hosted the event. Her hops are the most successful ones I’ve ever participated in.
  • Big, big news! Last Monday, I mailed the contract to Loose Id for Terran. This is the second book in the Breeder science fiction romance series. I’m very eager to start editing with Loose Id and get this book published. You can read a Terran excerpt here.
  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day, LazyDay Publishing released Milestones, an anthology of seven domestic discipline romance stories, written by the seven authors of Coming to Terms: myself, Celeste Jones, Alta Hensley, Renee Rose, Jade Cary, Sue Lyndon and Anastasia Vitsky.

Coming up this week:

  • To celebrate the release of Milestones, the seven of us are having a drawing contest to win a copy of our first anthology, Coming to Terms. All you have to do is post a comment on one of the author blogs. Each author will excerpt from her story in the book. Today is Alta Hensley’s day. I’ll post a snippet from my story on Wednesday, Feb. 19. If you missed one of the earlier posts, you can still go back and catch it:

Renee Rose – February 14

Celeste Jones  – February 16

Alta Hensley – February 17

Jade Cary – February 18

Cara Bristol – February 19

Sue Lyndon – February 20

Anastasia Vitsky – February 21

  • Also on Wednesday, Feb. 19, I’ll be over at Romance Cooks with my world famous “Apricot Breakfast Cookie” recipe. Okay, maybe they’re not world famous (yet) but I did bake several hundred and hand them out at last year’s Romantic Timesapricot cookies Convention in Kansas City. Pop over to Romance Cooks on Wednesday to grab this recipe.
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, I’ll have a spotlight on Married to the Job by Cindy Racette. I love work-related romance stories. Cindy comes from a writerly family; her daughter is the multi-published Cassandra Carr.
  • On the writing front, I expect to finish the first draft of Long Shot, my story in the Corbin’s Bend domestic discipline series developed by Thianna D. Corbin’s Bend is a fictitious Colorado community where all the residents are spankos. How could not write for this series? My initials are the same as the series “CB” –Cara Bristol/Corbin’s Bend—and  in my very first job, the company I worked for was on Corbin Avenue. Want to find out more about the series? Click here.

What do you have going this week?

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3 Responses to Highlights and forecasts: spanking books, cookies and hops

  1. Sue Lyndon says:

    Wow, Cara, you’re one busy lady.

    This week I’ll be working on a 15K short story and impatiently awaiting the installation of my kitchen counter and sink. Maybe I’ll try baking your apricot cookies when I can use my kitchen again! I’m also guest hosting Spanking Stories Book Club on Friday.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      A kitchen remodel is so exciting! Short stories are nice because you can get them done quickly and you can try new things. What book are you hosting for Spanking Stories Book Club?

      • Sue Lyndon says:

        I’d do questionable things for running water in my kitchen right now, LOL, but yes it’s exciting because it’s finally almost finished.

        I’m hosting Mail Order Switch by Patty Devlin.

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