How to organize your #Kindle so you can find your books

Did you know you can create files and organize your Kindle books?

Although Kindle will put the newest books and most recently opened books at the top of the list, once you have hundreds of books, it’s can be hard to find the one you want.

On my home screen, I only want to see books I haven’t read. So I file the ones I have finished, and it removes them from my device and stores them on the cloud in a file that I’ve named. (I file all the books I’ve read by year).

To organize your Kindle, you “create a collection” and name it what ever you want: books read in 2016,  authors A-H, science fiction romance, books by Cara Bristol 🙂 . Kindle will store the collection on the cloud.

How you create a collection varies by Kindle type. Here are some links to the “how to” on Amazon (you may need to log into your Amazon account):

Instructions for Paperwhite

Instructions for Fire

General info about Cloud Collections

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7 Responses to How to organize your #Kindle so you can find your books

  1. S.J. Maylee says:

    Cool timing! I spent a good bit of time sorting through my books last night. 🙂 I used to be so good about organizing them but have been bad in the last 6-months. I sort everything by genre. I also have collections for read and TBR. Last night, I found several that weren’t in my TBR collection. Eek! I also have a priority TBR list and that’s where I usually pick my next book to read and then it goes into my currently reading collection.

    Love your books read by year idea. I’m going to have to adopt that.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I also have DNF, and a Cara Bristol collection, since I buy a copy of my own books (to make sure everything is formatted Ok).

  2. Anne Casey says:

    I have to ask – what is DNF?

  3. Laurel Lasky says:

    Thanks for the tips!

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