INFERNO: Alien Castaways 5…a match made in heaven, or…?

An alien who looks like the devil. A church  secretary. A match made in heaven…or?

Take nothing at face value. That’s Geneva Walker’s motto in life. But when seven feet of devilishly handsome male complete with horns and a tail strolls into the church where she works as a secretary—even a hardcore nonbeliever would jump to conclusions.

Extraterrestrial Inferno has searched in vain for his genmate, the one woman his Luciferan DNA has chosen for him. When he locates her in the church of a small Idaho town, the last thing he expects is for her to throw him out as though he was Satan himself.

How can he prove to the beautiful skeptic they are meant for each other when he can’t even convince her he’s an alien?

Inferno is a standalone read in the Alien Castaways (Intergalactic Dating Agency) series.

Release date: June 25, 2021. Preorder available on Amazon, Apple Books, GooglePlay, BN, and Kobo. Reserve your copy HERE.

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