Kindle and romance by the numbers…

Since I got a Kindle in July 2010, I’ve acquired eighty-two ebooks. I purchased the vast majority of them, although I won several in various contests on various blogs (you really should enter, the odds of wining are quite good).

I recently loaded up my Kindle with fourteen new books by eleven authors in anticipation of taking a vacation. I did have more, but I broke down a read a couple because I couldn’t wait.

This is my TBR list:

  • Hearts in Darkness – Laura Kaye
  • Bottoms Up – Miranda Baker
  • My Three Lords – Juniper Bell
  • Bonding Camp – Christelle Mirin
  • 7 Days and 7 Nights – Wendy Wax
  • Leave it to Cleavage – Wendy Wax
  • Crossroads Showdown Book 3 – Keta Diablo
  • Crossroads Showdown Book 4 – Keta Diablo
  • Talk to Me – Cassandra Carr
  • Controlling Interest – Francesca Hawley
  • Pay Up – Kaily Hart
  • Rafe Redemption – Jennifer Jakes
  • Hot and Sticky – Keta Diablo
  • Breaking Free – Cherise Sinclair

Here are the facts by the numbers:

  • Seven of the authors I’ve read before
  • Five authors are brand new to me
  • I’m not sure of the subgenre of three of the novels
  • Two are historical romances
  • Four are BDSM romances
  • Three are M/M
  • Two are women’s fiction (not really romance)
  • Only one is “just” contemporary (my preferred genre, but it’s hard to find contemporary erotic romances that are hot enough for me)
  • One of the romances I won in contest
  • Two I purchased based on reviews and other promotions I saw
  • Two were recommended to me by Amazon based on my past purchases
  • I personally know five of the authors (“know” defined as having had email conversations)
  • I’ve featured four of the authors on my blog in some way besides listing their books under my reading list.

I won’t draw any conclusions from this list. I’ll let you do that.

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