Lance S. A. Nielsen shows his office in ‘its natural state’ #SF #AuthorsInSpace


By Lance S. Nielsen

Generally, I write in two places. My office space at home and on the tube. Most of the hardcore writing takes place at home. I write both on my PC and my MAC as I slowly go over to Vellum for writing novels. My background is as a screenwriter and playwright so tackling novels was something I only embarked on last year. Fortunately, I had an edit suite on my MAC, so I was lucky to have both systems.

The office is at the front of my apartment and it’s a good size because I also store all my boardgames & other hobby materials in it. It’s also served as a production meeting space and I’ve had as many as twenty-four people sitting in it for a full meeting! It gets great light in the morning and I find it a really healthy space. My desk is crammed with everything from others books I am reading, to storyboards, notes and energy drinks (As I do not drink tea or coffee) it might look full of all sorts but I actually hate mess but I thought I would show it in its natural honest state. I have pictures of my parents who sadly both passed away and never lived to see me become a published author. I play movie soundtracks when I am working and you can see on the Mac I currently have google earth for Australia where part of the storyline of my second book is set.

Diamonds in the Sky, Book One Parousia

When 200 alien objects, each the size of a city, arrive all over the earth, the world’s population goes into panic. Yet once the ships land, there is no invasion, no communication, and no aliens nor any obvious access inside the vast vessels. As the governments and the scientific community struggle to find answers, a small number of ordinary individuals manage to gain access inside the ships. As speculation about the crafts possible intentions begins to seep into the public consciousness, those in power fear their presence may substantially change the social dynamics of the world as we know it. But do the ships represent a chance for the salvation of The Human Race or its annihilation? Diamonds in the Sky, Book One, Parousia, is set over the first few days of the alien arrival and told from a multi-view perspective of seven different characters, from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, spanning three continents across the world. Each chapter of the book is divided into three different character perspectives.

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4 Responses to Lance S. A. Nielsen shows his office in ‘its natural state’ #SF #AuthorsInSpace

  1. Liza O'Connor says:

    Whoa! While I have extensive schedulers, you have taken it to another level.

  2. I feel like a slug compared to you. I’m dragging out my boards and setting them up in my office today! Thank you for letting us have a look around your world.

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