Laurie A. Green: Unraveling the Mystery of Flashpoint, #PetsInSpace


In the Pets in Space Anthology, the tale of StarDog includes some nifty Faster Than Light (FTL) travel that is reached via “flashpoint.” It’s a series-wide concept explored in both Inherit the Stars and Farewell Andromeda that allows specialized ships to “slip the surly bonds of 3D” and enter another dimension—the Dark Energy Dimension or DEDspace—as an almost instantaneous way of traveling from point A to point Z in our galaxy.

You could think of flashpoint as a sort of a high tech magic carpet.

In present day, scientists aren’t even sure that Dark Energy really exists, only that, in theory, it must exist (along with Dark Matter) in order for the universe to work as it does. The problem is, we can’t see it. We can’t sense it. And we haven’t found a way to prove it’s really out there. We only know that, mathematically, the universe couldn’t function as it does without these two mystery forces. Based on these same calculations, scientists also theorize that we can only see a little over 4% of our actual universe, and the dark and mysterious components account for the other nearly 96% we can’t see.

depositphotos_starshipftlflashpointThat’s a whole lot of big and scary nothing!

When I started researching possible FTL travel, I didn’t want to use jump gates or hyperspace or any of a number of other ideas that had already been put to good use in science fiction. I needed to create something different. The concept that made the most sense to me is that Dark Energy actually exists in another unknown dimension. Okay, I could get my head around that. (And better yet, my muse seemed to latch on to the idea big time!)

Some theories purport there could be nine dimensions or more–though trapped in our mortal bodies, we’re only programmed to function within three–height, width, depth. Or maybe four, if you consider time a dimension onto itself.  So what if the combined elements of Dark Energy and Dark Matter simply form another dimension–one that we could actually enter if we found a way and a means to do it? And in doing so, we could span huge distances in normal 3D space?

That’s the fictional science behind what my advanced prototype starships can do.

But I didn’t want to make it too easy for them. There is this one BIG catch.

Flashpoint is not fun. It alters the senses and perceptions, and it’s downright painful to enter for crew and passengers alike. It even drives some unfortunate souls insane. So it’s not a practical way to jump around the cosmos, even if it is a necessary one for a select few.

Like every “superpower,” this rare ability comes at a price.


Navigator Taro Shall has a mission no one wants – find a way to eradicate snakes on a starship. He never expects to find the answer to his problem in a charming street vendor named Adini. His already unusual mission becomes more complicated when he suddenly acquires an adorable StarDog that soon sweeps him and Adini into the maw of a brewing insurrection.

Author Bio

Laurie A. Green is a three-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist, an award-winning author, and a science fiction romance enthusiast who founded the SFR Brigade community of writers, which is now nearly 900 members strong.

She confesses to being an Andromeda Galaxy groupie and would someday love to own a vacation home on Mars or Titan. She’s enthused to be a part of this wonderful anthology mash-up of two of her favorite things–pets and space.

Her family includes her husband, David, four dogs, three cats and several horses, all who reside on a ranch in beautiful New Mexico. A former military budget director and reserve state trooper, she now spends her time writing, networking, researching, enjoying the Southwestern lifestyle and, naturally, stargazing and daydreaming about other worlds.

Website |  Facebook |   Twitter @SFRLaurie

Pets in Space will be published October 11, 2016!

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  1. That is very fun fictional space travel! I like it. I wish it was for real!

  2. Thanks, Pauline! I almost wish it was too…well, except for the excruciating pain and altered perception part! But who knows what science will invent in the future. Maybe something like flashpoint might even be a possibility.

    Thanks so much for hosting me on your wonderful blog today, Cara. 🙂

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