Learn to speak Dakonian! Words from the Dakonian & Alien Mate sci-fi romance series

Language both reflects and defines the world we live in. For my Alien Mate and Dakonian Alien Mail Order Bride series, I had to create words to describe the Dakonian world/experience.

Obah – an exclamation or cheer expressing pleasure.

Kel – An animal on planet Dakon or anything made from the animal such as kel coats and bedding.

Tripta – a unit of distance measured by how far a man can walk in a hour. A tripta is about three miles or 5K. Until the Earthers came and gave them snow skimmers, Dakonians had to walk everywhere.

Kit – a baby or small child

Illuvian ore – the rock covering planet Dakon. This energy-rich ore is prized by Earth.

Macha – a grain used to make biscuits, gruel, and ale.

Harebit – an animal that looks like a cross beween a cat and rabbit.

Phea – a Dakonian fowl

The Fates or the Winds of Fate – a spiritual presence

Wheestile – a native herb, harmless to Dakonian, but that causes intestinal distress to humans. Beware jealous female Dakonians bearing wheestile-laced macha muffins.

Hut – An English word, but to a Dakonian, all buildings are called huts, even office buildings or Earth skyscrapers.

Mythra – a false belief. Something one believes with absolute certainty, but that turns out to be false.

Abjat – The worst possible curse/insult a Dakonian can utter

There are four books in the Alien Mate series and six books in the Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides series. Both series are alien mail order bride romances. In Alien Mate, Earth women go to planet Dakon. In the Dakonian series, the aliens come to Earth.

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