Marie Dry combines living room & office for a comfy, cozy writing space #AuthorsInSpace

By Marie Dry

I arranged my living room so that it also doubles as my office. Since I live alone I don’t need a space to get away from noise and I have always worked with the television on for background noise. I lived in Spain in a small flat for four years and had no choice but to work in my living room and it actually suited me well. When I moved back to South Africa I had a big enough room to act as library and study which worked well but my living space was cold and impersonal and people coming to visit preferred to be in my library. When I moved to a smaller place I just decided that the living space will double as my work space and its working well. I do miss the library shelves though.

Marie Dry bio

Ever since she can remember Marie Dry wanted to travel. She had had the privilege of living in Zambia, Morocco, and Spain and sees herself as a bit of a gypsy. Every few years she gets restless and has to be some place new.

She read romances since she was nine and was fairly young when she decided she would write the perfect story that had all the elements she looked for in a romance. In 1997 she decided to go all out with her writing and to get published. Being published by Black Opal Books is a dream come true for her. 

There are several wonderful moments in her life that she would never trade for anything. One of them is meeting President Nelson Mandela and the second being published.

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Alien Captured by Marie Dry

In a bleak future, where government systems are breaking down and poverty and violence reign, on an abandoned farm in Montana, Susannah had a simple plan. She’d capture an alien, sell him to the resistance, and use the money to save her son.

Instead, Susannah had an arrogant alien trapped in a pit who acted as if she was the prisoner. He wanted to kill her dog and insisted she should care for the wound he sustained when he fell into the pit she dug to trap him. On top of that, she had no way to know if the resistance got her message. Every day that passed, she doubted her decision to hand Azagor over to the resistance.

But her son, her baby, was being held by people who considered him unclean because he was conceived out of wedlock—and time was running out.

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6 Responses to Marie Dry combines living room & office for a comfy, cozy writing space #AuthorsInSpace


    I love your living room. I could do that also but not just to write but I have many passions also. Mostly anything ocean. I have a room made up that way, that is my sanctuary. I am glad I found all your books. I have reread them many times and look forward to Alien Captured.
    Thank you so much for a glimpse into your life

    Barb Norrick

  2. Marie Dry says:

    Glad you enjoyed the glimpse of my writing cave. Im a couch potatoe so my living and writing space have to be comfortable. And I love my dragon guarding my desk.
    You just made my day. I love hearing people enjoyed my Zyrgins as much as I enjoy writing them. Im busy with The Zyrgin and hes giving me a few surprises I didnt expect.

  3. Marie Dry says:

    Thank you for hosting me Cara and allowing my readers a small visit to my working space.

  4. Tasha Black says:

    I love your built-ins! And your dragon companion! Great space!!

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