More Kindle love…accessing the Internet with Kindle

On a recent out-of-town trip, I needed to connect with someone whose phone number I did not have.

I was able to use my Kindle to connect to the internet and get the phone number. Now, if you have a smart phone, you’re probably not amazed by this. But I’m low tech and it “saved” the day.

My love of Kindle continues. I don’t even have Kindle Fire (yet). I have the basic 3G model Kindle. From Kindle, I also checked Facebook, Tweeted, and surfed the internet. Surfing is a little awkward because it’s not what Kindle was designed to do, but in an “emergency” it does the job.

To get onto the internet from Kindle 3G, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your wireless is turned on
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Click on Experimental
  4. Go to Basic Web and click Launch Browser.

At times, it appeared as though the web page I was attempting to view hadn’t loaded, but I discovered that all I needed to do was press the Next Page button.

I actually used my Kindle quite a few times on this trip to get information off the internet. It made me decide that my next Kindle will probably be a Kindle Fire and my next cell phone might be a smart one.

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