My Bottom Smarts, The Pink Report judge Valentine contest

My Bottom Smarts and The Pink Report are two of the judges who will ensure that the winner of my Valentine’s contest gets spanked… a copy of the ebook spanking fiction called Spanked!, that is. (What did you think I meant?).

What is the most romantic thing your sweetie has done for you or that you've done for him or her?

All you have to do to enter to win is post your answer to the question: What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you…or that you have done for someone else? Your answer may or may not deal with spanking—it’s up to you. The contest ends February 15.

When I first thought of this contest, I thought who better to award a prize of spanking fiction than two judges who practice spanking? Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts and Pink of The Pink Report were very gracious in agreeing to participate.

In their own words, here are their bios:

Bonnie is a well-known blogger within the spanking community.  Her blog, My Bottom Smarts, has attracted over ten million visits since 1995.  She writes about her relationship with her husband, Randy, and their many spanking adventures.  She has also posted original fiction, a one-act spanking stage play, humor, and reflections on the world of adult consensual spanking.  MBS is the home to a weekly discussion forum known as the Spanko Brunch.

Bonnie was trained as a journalist, but now earns her living as a technical writer.  She is very proud of her daughter and granddaughter, but wishes she could see them more often.

Pink used to pucker up for a lot of frogs before she finally met her King. Before her D/s journey began, the most romance she’d shared was with a waterproof vibrator in a Jacuzzi tub.  She shares her exploration of submission and sensuality, discipline and desire, through prose, musings, and photographs with the readers of The Pink Report.

In addition to the Bonnie and Pink, three erotic romance authors who have all written about spanking in their fiction have agreed to be judges as well:

Francesca Hawley is a public services librarian and author who has written historical, contemporary and paranormal erotic romances. Her latest, Controlling Interest, is a BDSM erotic romance published by Ellora’s Cave. I recently interviewed Fran on my blog (click on author interviews) under categories in the sidebar.

Shoshanna Evers is also an Ellora’s Cave erotic romance author. She has two titles published: Ginger Snap and Punishing the Art Thief, both with Ellora’s Cave. In 2011 she has THREE titles coming: Hollywood Spank, Ellora’s Cave; A Taste of Candy with Wild Rose Press, and a story in a Berkely Heat anthology. In her “spare time” Shoshanna is a nurse and writes a newspaper advice column.

Starla Kaye is one my co-authors of Spanked! She wrote the story Trusting Her about a rugged rancher who is spanked by his wife. She frequently writes with a Western theme; her latest novel is Her Cowboy’s Way, a romantic domestic discipline story I recently read and highly recommend. It is FUN. I also interviewed Starla and you can find her interview under Author Interviews as well.

 For complete contest info please check out my earlier V-day contest blog.

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  1. Kim Solem says:

    A simple kiss is all it took. A kiss that was the key to releasing the ‘erotic in me’. The following is my dedicated to the one that kissed me.


    Inside your heart I inhaled your soul
    Filling me with a love I’d never known
    Take my hand and never let go

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