Naming romance novel characters: S is for irony

Girls just wanna have fun. Or this author does anyway. There is humor in most of my romances, but I’m writing the Alien Mate series specifically to be funny. The trope –Earth women becoming the ‘mail order’ brides of aliens–is amusing to begin with. So why not just make it more so?

The character names reflect the humor. In the first book, Alien Mate, the heroine is named Starr. I picked her name because the story is a science fiction romance, and what’s more scifi than a star? When Starr gets pregnant, the hero wants to name their baby “Starlet” for little star.

In Alien Attraction, book 2, the heroine is named Sunny Weathers. She’s a reality-TV show star who gets sent to a planet stuck in the middle of an ice age. See the irony? Of course, with that name, she has mishaps with inclement weather on Dakon.

Sunny’s sister is Stormy Weathers. A secondary character in Alien Attraction, she’s the heroine of book 3, Alien Intention, which I’m writing now. Also ironic, Sunny has a tempestuous personality while Stormy is the calm, easy-going one.

Three books into the series,  I have Starr, Sunny, and Stormy. Conventional advice says authors should avoid giving characters names beginning with the same letter to avoid confusing readers. But these names are so perfect for the story, and now that I have three S names, I’m kind of on a roll. I’m trusting my readers will fall in love with the characters and be able to keep them separate.

I don’t know what the heroine of book 4 will be named, but she’s going to have an S name, too.

* * * *

Alien Mate is available now. Alien Attraction can be preordered for the May 15 release, and Alien Intention will be released this summer.



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  1. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Good title. It caught my attention and had me wondering why’ ‘S’. But I think there’s a typo. You showed the name of one character as ‘Stormy Weathers’. Don’t you mean Daniels, not Weathers? 😉

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