Nancey Cummings creates the office she wants to write in #AuthorsInSpace

By Nancy Cummings

Two years ago I converted the guest room to a writing room. After writing at the kitchen table for ages, I was thrilled to have a space of my own and be able to shut out the world. I find I need quiet and calm to hear myself think. However, last summer, as I sat on the futon and listened to the birds outside, I realized I hated everything about my writing room except the futon and the birds. I hated the dingy old wallpaper, how cold the room was in the winter and even the rug on the floor.

So I decided to fix it and create a writing room I actually liked spending time in.

First I stripped off the wallpaper and painted the walls my favorite color, a pale aqua. Then I got rid of all the old furniture cluttering up the room and left the two things I actually liked: my desk and the futon (it’s comfy). A bookshelf, filing cabinet, new rug, curtains and a space heater later, I now have a space that is relaxing and calm.

I still have some pictures that need to go on the bare walls and I want to get a few cat-safe plants once Spring finally arrives. I guess the perfect room is always a work in progress. The best things about the room (the birds and the comfy futon) haven’t changed, though.

On particularly cold days I take my laptop downstairs and park next to the fireplace. As you can see, my writing partner is keeping the chair warm.

Nancey Cummings Bio

Nancey writes fun, fast romances with sweet alien men and strong minded women. She lives outside Philadelphia in an old house with her husband and two cats.

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No female can look Mene in the eye and not flinch. But beneath his scarred face and gruff demeanor is a good man. A man who wants a mate and family.
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8 Responses to Nancey Cummings creates the office she wants to write in #AuthorsInSpace

  1. Tasha Black says:

    I love that quilt! And of course any author who lives “outside Philadelphia in an old house” is a woman after my own heart! 🙂

  2. Eva Caye says:

    I agree with Tasha. What I need is a big, comfy chair like the one by your fireplace. Or a futon!!

  3. Great office to create. Will check out your books. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Liza O'Connor says:

    Removing wallpaper is harder than it sounds.

  5. Nancey Cummings says:

    The quilt is a Harry Potter bookshelf “quilt of doom.” It was lovingly made for me by my bestie, who is an amazing quilter. I can barely sew a straight line.

  6. Cara Bristol says:

    I used to have a comfy chair in my office, but it was mistaken for a “guest chair” by other occupants of the house, so I had to remove it.

  7. Love your author space! And yes, the quilt is super cool!

  8. Lea Kirk says:

    Nice choice on wall paint. I love aqua, it’s soothing. Great job making this place your own, Nancey.

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