NY Times Bestselling Author Anna Zaires’s office is made for….lounging? #AuthorsInSpace

By Anna Zaires

I’m beyond blessed to be living in Florida, where we enjoy warm weather more or less year-round. I love the heat and the humidity, and I’m a lounger. It’s totally not ergonomic, but I always lounge when I’m writing on my laptop, so when we moved to our new house, I made sure I had the lounging space of my dreams.

I pretty much live on my balcony, where the screen keeps the bugs away (well, mostly—the evil no-see-ums still get through in the evening, making me hide indoors). This is one side, where my hubby, sci-fi and fantasy author Dima Zales, was chilling just a moment ago with his water bottle:


And this is where I was writing/Facebooking this morning:

And here is the inside of my actual office, where I am when it rains or I’m getting eaten by no-see-ums:

As you can see, I do have a desk, but I’m only there if I need to do something along the lines of paying bills, doing taxes, or mailing off signed copies. In an effort to combat the negative health effects of all that sitting/lounging, my hubby also got me a treadmill desk, but my knee freaks out when I use it for any length of time due to an old running injury. So yeah, I mostly lounge outside with my laptop, where I am distracted by the occasional deer, turtle, alligator chomping on turtle, wild pigs, birds, giant crab crawling up my screen, raccoon, random Category 5 hurricane, et cetera.

Anna Zaires bio

Anna Zaires is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of sci-fi romance and contemporary dark erotic romance. She fell in love with books at the age of five, when her grandmother taught her to read. Since then, she has always lived partially in a fantasy world where the only limits were those of her imagination. Currently residing in Florida, Anna is happily married to Dima Zales (a science fiction and fantasy author) and closely collaborates with him on all their works.

After graduating from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics, Anna spent eight years on Wall Street analyzing stocks and writing research reports. In 2013, she became a full-time author, pursuing her lifelong dream of writing romance novels.

Dima Zales is the love of her life and a huge inspiration in all aspects of her writing. Every book Anna writes is a product of their unique collaborative process.

In addition to reading and writing, Anna enjoys drinking tea (coconut oolong, anyone?), watching addictive TV shows, and discussing book ideas during long walks with her amazing husband.

She loves hearing from her readers, so please don’t hesitate to contact her through this website or connect with her on Facebook, where she hangs out way too often. Also, please visit her husband and collaborator, Dima Zales, at www.dimazales.com and check out their fantasy & science fiction books.

Anna’s website |  Facebook

A new dark romance from New York Times bestseller Anna Zaires

He came to me in the night, a cruel, darkly handsome stranger from the most dangerous corners of Russia. He tormented me and destroyed me, ripping apart my world in his quest for vengeance.

Now he’s back, but he’s no longer after my secrets.

The man who stars in my nightmares wants me.

***A Twist Me series spin-off, featuring Peter Sokolov, but stands entirely on its own—no prior knowledge of any of the characters or events required.



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11 Responses to NY Times Bestselling Author Anna Zaires’s office is made for….lounging? #AuthorsInSpace

  1. Anna Zaires says:

    Thank you so much for having me here!

  2. Khadijah says:

    It’s very cool to see Anna’s writing space!

  3. Denise Satin says:

    Hi Anna. It is Denise Satin. I just saw your home and it looks beautiful. I live in Ndew York but I have a home in Florida on the east coast in the Boca, Raton, Delray Beach area. Just curious, where your home is. Don’t worry, I am not going to haunt or hound you. Not my style. Anyway, looking forward to my ARC of Obsession Mine. Getting closer now. It’s release day is November 14th so the ARC shouldn’t be to much longer. Can’t wait to read it. Anyway, Have a great night. Denise, your fan.

  4. Natasha Knight says:

    I love the peek into your life and home! Although Alligators chomping on turtles…WOW! Thanks ladies!

  5. Dianne Patnaude says:

    Looks so relaxing and cozy!!

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