NY Times bestsellling author Susan Grant invites you into her office with a view #AuthorsInSpace #PetsIn Space

By Susan Grant

I love my little office. When my father came to live with us, I gave him my office and staked out a corner of the bedroom. I write my books surrounded by family photos and memorabilia from my years as an Air Force pilot and author (zoom in and you’ll see a very special golden lady on my desk). The best part of all is the view out the window across from my desk. You can see all the way to the Napa Valley wine region. My Prism awards line the window sill and throw rainbows at me, reminding me that no matter how hard it may be getting a book to behave, there are happy readers waiting on the other side. That keeps me going when I have to burn the midnight oil.

Susan Grant bio

When NY Times/USA Today bestselling author and Air Force veteran Susan Grant isn’t driving an 18-wheeler (a 747 jumbo jet) she loves writing romantic, action-packed stories featuring gutsy woman and honorable men. Flying to exotic places and trying every kind of food imaginable helps Susan bring her sci-fi worlds alive for readers. She is a winner of the prestigious RITA award for her book Contact, an alien abduction sci-fi romance.

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Susan is the author of The Prince, the Pilot and the Puppy in Pets in Space 2

The Prince, the Pilot and the Puppy

A novella in the Star Series

Trysh joined the Space Forces with the secret hope that her absentee father might notice her accomplishments and acknowledge her. At the top of her game as a starfighter pilot, the last thing she needs is a way too charming prince to get in her way. Trysh had learned at a young age what happened when a person lost their heart to someone above their social class – it led to heartache.

Prince Rornn feels fortunate he can pursue his passion both in the air and on the ground. He decides being third in line for the throne definitely has its advantages – it allowed him to join the Space Forces as a top-gun starfighter pilot. What he doesn’t expect is to find a woman there who not only competes with him – she completes him!

Everything Rornn tries appears to push Trysh further away – that is until they rescue a tiny, starving yipwag pup on the surface of an alien world. It turns out that “Puppy” is as good at sniffing out terrorists as she is at helping her two clueless humans figure out that they need each other as much as they do her.

Can Rornn convince Trysh that he is nothing like her father and that she is just the right woman for him before the terrorists discover their furry little companion?

Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2

The pets are back! Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, featuring twelve of today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors brings you a dozen original stories written just for you! Join in the fun, from the Dragon Lords of Valdier to a trip aboard award-winning author, Veronica Scott’s Nebula Zephyr to journhbits of eying back to Luda where Grim is King, for stories that will take you out of this world! Join New York Times, USA TODAY, and Award-winning authors S.E. Smith, M.K. Eidem, Susan Grant, Michelle Howard, Cara Bristol, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie A. Green, Sabine Priestley, Jessica E. Subject, Carol Van Natta, and Alexis Glynn Latner as they share stories and help out Hero-Dogs.org, a charity that supports our veterans!

10% of the first months profits go to Hero-Dogs.org. Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with US Veterans to improve quality of life and restore independence.

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15 Responses to NY Times bestsellling author Susan Grant invites you into her office with a view #AuthorsInSpace #PetsIn Space

  1. Susan says:

    Awesome office, Susan! I’m super excited about your story. Your pet is adorable!

  2. Love the office! And that view! Your readers are going to love your story!

  3. What a fabulous view! 🙂

  4. Diane Burton says:

    Love the view out your window, Susan. I wouldn’t get any work done if I had that view.

  5. Libby Doyle says:

    Holy moly! What a view! That beauty must really get your creative juices flowing.

  6. Susan Grant says:

    Aw! Thank you, Susan, Pauline, Jessica, and Diane! We’ve been here going on 5 years and that view never gets old. Thank you about my story with Puppy! It made wish Puppy was real. 🙂 It’s completely wonderful to be involved in this anthology and yet also be DYING to read the other stories! Cara, thanks for including my “spare corner” office in your fun feature! I love seeing all the spaces where authors create their stories. XO

  7. Jo jones says:

    Great view. What a wonderful place to write. With that view do you sit outside to read?

  8. Thanks for sharing your space with us, Susan. It’s MUCH neater than my office!

    • Susan Grant says:

      I tidied up for the photo. 🙂 You can see the pile on the left side of the desk, and the cat and dog were shooed away, heh heh. But I do like it fairly neat. However it rarely looks that neat.

      • Cara Bristol says:

        I noticed the little pile, but wasn’t going to mention it. 😉

        Making a pile is quick way to tidy up. I do it before the housekeepers arrives to clean my office.

  9. Total office envy here. What a beautiful writing space! That’s got to be inspiration in itself (though I’m afraid I’d spend my writing time gazing wistfully out at the wonderful view).

    BTW, I loved this: “…no matter how hard it may be getting a book to behave, there are happy readers waiting on the other side.”

  10. Your view is gorgeous and what a perfect book to create stories with HEAs.

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