Oh, the Kindle games people play…

Triple Town is my latest Kindle obsession

If you haven’t discovered games for Kindle, that’s probably a good thing. I’m pretty disciplined about writing, but my reading has decreased markedly since I got my newest Kindle game. I play it instead of reading, while I watch TV, while I eat lunch. Here’s a rundown of what I have:

  • Triple Town– I love this game. It’s addictive, and even my husband has been lured into playing. If you’re used to high tech realistic games on Xbox, games for Kindle will probably not excite you. But if computer Solitaire, Minesweeper and Free Cell amuse you, you’ll probably like Triple Town. It reminds me a little of the old Atari Space Invaders, only instead of blowing up aliens, you place grasses, flowers, bushes and trees in little squares to build a city while barbarians and flying wizards try to block your progress.
  • Every Word -This is a word (un) scramble game. You have to make words out of scrambled letters. When you make the longest possible word, you move to the next level. For logophiles, this is great fun. If you don’t know what a logophile is, then you’re probably not one.
  • Sudoku – I’ve only played this a couple of times because I bought it the same time as Triple Town, but it’s a pretty good game. It’s easy to navigate and figure out.
  • Scrabble – I’ve played a lot of computer Scrabble and Kindle Scrabble does not compare. It is too hard to place the letters where you want them. I didn’t bother finishing the first game and haven’t tried since.
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  1. Maximilian Buckstern says:

    I interpreted the idea with playing “on the Kindle” very literally. Lately I produced a Kindle-eBook (“Fun Games Pure – Game boards”) just with fields of popular board games (Chess, Nine Men’s Morris, Checkers, Backgammon, Ludo, etc.). This gives the user the possibility to convert his/her Kindle at home or while traveling into a game board. Very simple. Always available. You just need to have a few small playing pieces or chessmen. Or you and your fellow players improvise. Suitable are buttons, beans, pieces of wood, paper, etc. Just anything that does not leave any dirt or scratches on the screen.
    Some people think it is silly to play like this on the Kindle. Others think it’s cool. 🙂

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