After I married my husband eighteen years ago, I moved over a three-day weekend. Completely. I packed the first day, physically moved the second day, and unpacked the third day. Voila! I was done.

Not so this time. We’re moving halfway across the U.S., and we’ve been packing for a month and still aren’t done (but almost!). We hit the road the day after Thanksgiving and anticipate the drive to take five days. We will build a house, so in the interim we’ll be living in a rental – which will mean another move in about a year’s time.

“Change in Residence” measures a 20 on the Holmes and Rahe list of stressful life situations. In comparison, death of a spouse is 100 and a minor violation with the law is an 11. Christmas measures 12.

I feel the stress – most of the time I feel as if I’m rushing to catch a plane.

But it will be over soon. In the meantime, blogging, tweeting and posting on Facebook will be taking a backseat for a short while and during the actual move, I will be incommunicado for almost a week.

Expect things to pick up early in December.

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2 Responses to Packing…packing…packing…moving….

  1. Much luck with your move, Cara! Keep your eye on the prize – a beautiful new home and a great adventure. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    Thanks, Sandra. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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