Recommended reads: Books I enjoyed in October/November

I usually try to post my recommended reads–books I read and enjoyed–for the previous month by the first Friday of the subsequent month, but October was so busy with the release of Breeder that I was mid-way through November before I had blog space. So I decided to hold it over and do two months of recommended reads.

During this two-month period, I partially read four books that were too poorly written or too boring to finish. And I read one that caused me to have a really disturbing dream. Needless to say, none of those made the recommended reads list.

The brief blurbs and the genres listed  are my impressions of what the books are about. Think of it as a mini review. I have written longer reviews for most of the books listed, which you can find on Amazon and Goodreads.

Before I get to the list, I must mention that coming this month will be the third annual book awards–my selections for my most favorite books chosen from the year’s recommended reads. I’ll announce my faves on Dec. 16.

November Recommended Reads

The Pulse, Book 1 in the Pulse Trilogy (dystopian sci-fi romance) by Shoshanna Evers – “Escape from New York,” but with sex and lots of it. Terrorists hit the US with an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out everything electronic, and most people die. Most survivors are rounded up into FEMA camps. A nurse, assisted by an escaped convict, flees the camp.

Crossing the Line (erotica menage) by Karla Doyle – Unable to give her what she really wants, a desperate husband seeks to fulfill his wife’s menage fantasy. Sexy and dark.

Playful Punishments (erotica) by John Satisfy – a short collection of “funishment” stories. An interesting “voice.”

Her Rogue Knight ( BDSM Medieval fantasy spanking romance) by Natasha Knight – A knight seeks to rescue a young girl who’s been kidnapped, but her sister insists on tagging along–and she doesn’t follow instructions very well.

Lady Katherine’s Conundrum (Regency spanking romance) by Celeste Jones – A lady seeks approval of Society, which had ostracized her. But her husband has forbidden her to participate in the gossip that fuels the Ton. Can she resist?

Mail Order Mayhem (historical spanking romance) by Rue Chapman – A mail order bride gets more than she bargained for–including a different groom. (Apparently much mayhem occurs with mail order. There are quite a few Mail Order Mayhem titles. Be sure you use the author’s name if you search for this book).

Red Letters (erotic thriller) by Krystina Stevens – The letters a neglected wife receives from her secret admirer are just what she needs to shore up her sagging self-esteem. But after she meets her admirer, his admiration takes a dangerous turn. This book is GOOD!!!!

October Recommended Reads

A Christmas Caroline (Regency historical, sweet romance) by Christa Paige and Vivien Jackson – a feel-good romance about a young women who fakes a betrothal to make her dying father’s last Christmas a happy one.

The Do-Over (contemporary erotic romance) by MK Schiller – A geeky woman enlists the help of the womanizing buddy of the guy she has fallen in love with to get him to notice her. Loved the transformation the hero (the womanizing buddy) went through.

Impact (Buckin’ Bull Riders Book 1) (BDSM) by Cassandra Carr – She’s a forever gal. He’s a rodeo rider whose lifestyle won’t allow him to commit. Together they heat up the rodeo circuit.

Marketing Matters, Top Ten Tips to Achieve Discoverability in the New Age of Publishing (nonfiction) by Cassandra Carr – Not an primer, but a magazine length article of suggestions to improve an author’s visibility. If you feel overwhelmed by promotion and don’t know where to start, this book is a good launching point. I am no newbie, but I picked up a few good tips.

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For some good holiday romance reads, check out the 2nd annual Holiday Parade of Books.

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3 Responses to Recommended reads: Books I enjoyed in October/November

  1. Karla Doyle says:

    Thank you, Cara! I’m so happy you enjoyed Crossing the Line! 🙂

  2. Made my day to see Lady Katherine on your list! Thank you! I also read Marketing Matters and would recommend it as well. Looks like some good recommendations here.

  3. Thank you so much, Cara! I’m thrilled you recommend The Pulse 🙂

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