Recommended Reads for October: from historical to sci-fi

My September reading list almost hit all the subgenres of spanking romance: historical, contemporary, and sci-fi. No aliens or cowboys though. Maybe next time.  But, if you’re looking for a good book this month, you can’t go wrong with any of these:

In the Palace of Lazar (sci-fi/fantasy spanking romance) by Alta Hensley – After the apocalypse, what’s a girl to do, but join a harem ruled by a family of brothers?

Corrected by the Colonel (historical spanking romance) by Celeste Jones – When you mistake a military man for a footman, your plans to marry up are bound to go downhill.

Last Dance for Cadence (Corbin’s Bend 8) (spanking romance) by Maren Smith – A  proud disabled woman discovers her submissive side when taken under the wing (and hand) of a sexy doctor.

A Simple Misunderstanding (Corbin’s Bend 7) (BDSM, DD) by Kathryn Blake – Will a victim of domestic abuse be able to live a domestic discipline lifestyle? Kudos to Kathryn Blake for tacking a sensitive subject.

Laying Down the Law (BDSM) by Celeste Jones – After her divorce, a woman returns to law school where she becomes involved with a fellow student, a much younger man. He awakens her to the pleasures of BDSM.

Last Ascension (The Capes 3) (sci-fi) by Rebecca Royce – Not a spanking book! The younger brother of Draco and Ace comes into acceptance of his own superpowers when he assists a young woman in need.

Wanting it All (BDSM) by Livia Grant – When a husband discovers his beloved wife has been cheating on him, he delivers her to The Punishment Pit to be forced into signing divorce papers. Another risk-taking book. Awesome, awesome read.

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4 Responses to Recommended Reads for October: from historical to sci-fi

  1. I’ve read most of these and the others are on my list. It’s definitely a good selection of books.

  2. Laurel Lasky says:

    Wonderful selection. I’ve read all but In The Palace, I bought it but haven’t read it yet. 🙂

  3. Bruce Stern says:

    Livia Grant’s ‘Wanting It All’ delves seriously, realistically, and effectively, into marital infidelity. The story also shows readers the very beginning of a couple’s relationship—the man being a long-time Dom, and Master’s Master of his BDSM club, and the woman having only experienced BDSM as a voyeur and reading BDSM-themed novels. They are strong characters, well-defined, as are the husband and wife dealing with their marriage crisis. It’s a pleasure reading how Livia has the new couple “dancing” with each other, and how the author handles the infidelity, with humorous scenes and interactions sprinkled through ‘Wanting It All.’ If you dislike stories with BDSM activities, consider putting aside your dislike or ambivalence about it, and check-out ‘Wanting It All.’

  4. Livia LB Grant says:

    Thanks so much for the mention, Cara. I am so excited that you liked my debut novel and your support has been awesome. Thanks to Natasha, Laura and Bruce too because I know they are all WIA fans. Looking so forward to your Warrior release this week!

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