Release date info for Naughty Words for Nice Writers…

NaughtyWords600x900Yesterday I received the hard copy proof of the print version of Naughty Words for Nice Writers, A Sexual and Spanking Thesaurus. I found two small boos that needed to be fixed, and I resubmitted it to Amazon for review. As soon as it is accepted, I will click “publish” on the paperback version.

I’m told that print books can take a few days before they go live and appear on Amazon. So, I’m thinking the publication date might be Sunday or Monday.

Ebooks generally go live within a few hours, so I’ll wait a day or two and then click publish on the ebook version because I’d like them both to launch about the same time.

Therefore, I don’t have an official hard-and-fast release date because it all depends on how long Amazon takes. If you’d like to be emailed when it comes out, sign up for my new release newsletter. As soon as Naughty Words goes live on Amazon, the newsletter will go out. Sign up here.

The paperback version will be $9.99, the ebook will be $3.49.

Naughty Words for Nice Writers blurb:

If you’ve struggled to find the right tone for your romantic sex scene, stared at the computer for 15 minutes trying to come up with the right verb, become stymied because some terms are too crude while others are too flowery, or found yourself reusing the same words over and over, Naughty Words for Nice Writers, A Sexual and Spanking Thesauruscan help you break through those barriers. Cara Bristol, the author of 17 erotic romances, has written a guide to help you find the erotic words to write a sex scene that sizzles.

Naughty Words for Nice Writers is packed with more than 1,200 usable, functional synonyms geared for romance, erotic romance, and erotica. Included are 28 different “erotic word lists” such as male and female anatomy, foreplay, orgasm, specific sexual acts and kink, sexual noises, spanking terminology and much more. The guide offers suggestions on how to write a sex scene, and how to tighten your writing so it sings.

With an emphasis on verbs, this guide will help you “show” the intimacy between your characters rather than tell it. Whether you’re writing a “fade to black” scene or a graphic and explicit one, Naughty Words for Nice Writers will give you the words.

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4 Responses to Release date info for Naughty Words for Nice Writers…

  1. Very exciting! You put a lot of time and effort into this book so I hope it does well. I’m sure it will be a big help to all of us.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you, Celeste. It’s been in the making for a few years, but until recently was a backburner project. I hope to publish my marketing book later in the year.

  2. I’m looking forward to a paper copy, even if I have to import it. You know, you might consider contacting Savvy Authors regarding teaching a class for them. Your how-to mixed with the usable thesaurus suggestions would be invaluable to a lot of romance writers. And, it has the bonus of allowing you to plug your book. I’ll be teaching a class for them in April on the Writer’s Business Plan.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ve never considered that–teaching a class. I’ll have to look into it.

      Naughty Words will be available on Amazon CA in print, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. If you can’t get it, let me know, and we can make arrangements and I’ll mail you one.

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