Release Day! ATON: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides is live! #booknews #intergalacticdatingagency

Another alien lookin’ for love has come to Earth! Aton: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) has been released and is now LIVE on all vendor sites!

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For an alien and a human girl, all’s fair in love and courtship…

Attorney Toni Sutterman is on the fast-track, her success all but an open-and-shut case when she realizes she lacks what’s important: true love. With marriage-minded men in short supply on planet Earth, she joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency hoping to find a good match with an extraterrestrial. When her alien mate finally arrives, he proves beyond all doubt to be the man of her dreams: tall, sexy, romantic, and totally devoted to her. So what if there’s a bit of gray area about how he actually got here?

Aton of planet Dakon doesn’t mean to pull a fast one. He has every intent to play by the rules until false accusations get him escorted from the spaceship just before it blasts off. Neither spurious allegations nor the vastness of space will keep him from his mate, so he makes his own way to Earth to claim the female he was promised. As soon as he sees Toni, he recognizes her as his Fated mate. Confident he’s acted in good faith, he focuses on courting her and beginning their life together.

But when a rival discovers the truth and administers some rough justice, will Toni be willing to break the rules and become Aton’s partner in crime to save their future…or will she play by the book?

A sexy excerpt from Aton

“I want to know all about you, your life on Dakon, what you did today after you left me…”

“I went to the movies.” He plucked a strand of fluff from the swirl and ate it. “I had popcorn and something called Raisinets. They were chewy and sweet.”

“What did you see?”

“The movie was called Star Battle. There was a lot of fighting with spaceships and flashing lights and explosions, but also a mating. He was a pilot, and she was the leader of the fleet. They were forbidden to mate because of fraternization, but they would sneak off and mesh mouths.” He paused. “The movie reminded me of how and why I came to Earth.”

“Because you were on a spaceship?”

“Because of this.” He leaned in and kissed me. He brushed my mouth, and the kiss could have ended there, except I deepened the contact, parting my lips and touching him with the tip of my tongue. He groaned, dropped the cotton candy onto the pier, and pulled me closer.

He tasted like exotic spiced sugar, man, and alien. His lips were as full and soft as I’d imagined, gentle in exploration at first then becoming more urgent. Lights, sounds, and people blurred then faded away completely as I gave myself up to the moment.

Strong hands flattened against my back, holding me tight, and I could feel his erection growing against my belly. I caressed his cheek then stroked his hair. I nudged a horn, and, emboldened, caressed the pulsing nub with my thumb. His growl resonated in my core.

Aton pressed his lips harder to mine, infusing our kiss with greater urgency. I clung to him and surrendered to the sensations. I’d never engaged in PDA, never groped a man in public, never been kissed senseless in a crowd.

This was New Los Angeles—the Capital of Weird, where anything went—and the pier was its epicenter. Here, with Aton, I didn’t have to be the schooled and proper daughter of a wealthy, high-toned socialite with a family name and reputation to protect, or the wunderkind attorney who’d had to fight to prove she’d achieved her position on merit and not by sleeping with the big boss. I could be me. Skinny Stutterman who’d secretly longed to meet Mr. Right and fall in love. A girl who had begun to believe she might achieve her dream with a tall, horned alien with a sweet tooth and hot lips.

We broke apart, and I felt a bump as if the roller coaster had braked to a sudden stop. He flashed a grin. “Meshing mouths was even better than it looked at the movies.”

“You’ve kissed before, haven’t you?” I asked.

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  1. Diane Burton says:

    Congrats, Cara. Our books are twins (same “birthday”). 🙂

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