#SatSpanks: Ever use sex to mellow out your man?

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and a snippet from Disciplinary Measures, the most erotic Rod and Cane Society story I’ve written yet. And not only is it HOT, it is FREE — but only until May 26. So get it now because thereafter it will be $2.99.

Disciplinary Measures on Loose ID

I debuted Disciplinary Measures last week. To recap: Regina has come home to find her husband Linc perusing motorcycles on the computer in his office. One thing leads to another…

He brushed his knuckles against her breasts as he unbuttoned her blouse. Despite her kindling desire, she cringed when he tossed it onto the floor into a crumpled heap. The blouse was silk, the buttons real pearls, and even though she’d gotten it on sale, it had been quite expensive, costing even more than the designer jeans she had on. But she couldn’t explain that to him. Couldn’t admit she’d broken another promise. He unclasped her bra and flung that aside too, and then her worries evaporated when he cupped her breasts in his large hands and sucked a tip into his mouth, his tongue like raspy velvet against her nipple. Linc scraped his chin across her breast, leaving a wake of delicious tingles to tease its identical twin.

In no hurry, he maintained a slow, sensual assault on her senses.

Also…the FIRST Rod and Cane book, Unexpected Consequences is discounted by 1/3 during this same period. It’s only $3.99 on Loose Id. Regular price: $5.99.

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23 Responses to #SatSpanks: Ever use sex to mellow out your man?

  1. Wow! That scene is hot, Cara. I’m surprised my Kindle hasn’t caught fire, yet. I got right on and downloaded the book, now I just have to find the time to read. However, you’re snippet has given me a new incentive. Thanks!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks, Kathyrn. The characters surprised me. This is a 60 page short story and when I started writing it, I wasn’t sure if my characters would have “time” to have that much sex. But they made time. Lol. Disciplinary Measures IS the hottest of all the Rod and Cane books. I hope it doesn’t melt your Kindle.

    • I tried to fix my comment, but your blog wouldn’t let me back on last night. I meant to say “your scene” not “you’re scene.” I do know better, honest. It’s just sometimes my fingers work independently of my brain. Sigh. And I love it when characters make time for the things we want them to do. Makes life so much easier.

  2. Why is it 3.5 in the series and not 4? I love this series, as you know. Very much looking forward to reading it and thanks for the free promo.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you, Natasha. I’d always called it Rod and Cane 4 because it was the fourth one in the series. But when Disciplinary Measures was released, Loose Id had labeled it 3.5. I didn’t know they were going to do that. Maybe because it’s a short story instead of a novella. The other Rod and Cane books range from about 150 to 250 pages; Disciplinary Measures is 60.

      It does make me wonder what Loose Id will do with the next one. Will it be Rod and Cane 4, 4.5 or 5? I think my publisher has made it very confusing for readers.

  3. Unreflected broken promises to delicious tingles in a few short moments… Salaciously compelling… and temperatures are rising… Thanks Cara…

  4. Jenna Jaxon says:

    If it gets this hot in just 8 sentences, I can’t wait to read the whole thing! Just downloaded and hope to read it all very soon! Great job, Cara!

  5. Alice Dark says:

    I love the way you write, Cara. I can see in my mind exactly what’s happening with your choice of words and the flow of sentence to paragraph. This is a hot scene – can’t wait to see more.

  6. Need…..cold….shower…..hot damn lady. I took my robe off and threw an ice cube in my coffee. I love this scene.

  7. marysuewehr says:

    Very hot, Cara. LOL, isn’t it something how we women think of the most inane things like a blouse being tossed on the floor while ‘getting it on’?

  8. Renee Rose says:

    mmmm, that’s hot.

  9. Casey McKay says:

    I read Disciplinary Measures in one day!!! It was crazy hot! Who doesn’t use sex to mellow out their man? If mine is cranky he is usually horny or hungry… such uncomplicated creatures, lol.

  10. Kelli Scott says:

    Lovely. Men are so easy. Food. Sleep. Sex.

  11. I love the visionary, especially with the blouse. Well done and very sensual

  12. Ooh! Makes me want some too, now. Oh, Steve!…

  13. Dinah says:

    Love it!! Good work!

  14. Okay, you’ve hooked me. From here I’m off to go capture this gem. Congrats on the release and this tease was absolutely enticing.

  15. Hot snippet Cara! I got my books today too. Can’t wait to read them both 🙂

  16. Sue Lyndon says:

    Hot! I am finally going to curl up with this book tonight. I can’t wait:)

  17. Maren Smith says:

    This is hot! I can’t wait to curl up with this book. Sadly, it’s not available on Kindle yet. 🙁

    • Cara Bristol says:

      It’s not on Amazon yet, BUT it’s available on Loose Id in Kindle format (it’s the prc version).

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