Sela Carsen’s office gets a writerly makeover…#AuthorsInSpace #SFR

Hi! I’m Sela Carsen and this is my office!

I’m lucky to be able to have an entire separate room for my writing and I recently gave it a makeover. When we moved into this house, this was the nursery for the previous owner’s long-awaited daughter after having several boys. So it was pink. Wow, was it pink.

I am not a particularly handy person and I’d never painted a room before, so even though I’d purchased the paint years ago, it waited almost six years before I finally used it late last fall. The blue looks a bit dusty in the photos, but in person, it’s got a slightly periwinkle hue. Pretty and happy! I also got rid of a chunky antique sideboard that I loved, but didn’t match anything else in the house. I used the proceeds to buy several Ikea bookcases and promptly filled them up, as you can see!

My mom donated the giant chunk of a desk, and although it’s not really to my taste – it’s a little dark and ornate for me – it was my favorite price. Free! But it does overwhelm my newest prize, my slim little HP Spectre laptop. I’ve got more room than I really need, but that’s okay, because the desk occasionally gets cleared off so I have room to lay out my little weaving loom and get creative while I listen to audiobooks.

The room’s not entirely done, though. My calendars and planning boards are all propped on the floor while I await the Perfect Hanging System that hasn’t been invented yet. It’ll all get done eventually. Probably right before we sell the house. But I do love spending time in here and, as you can see by the beanbag under the window, there’s a place for the dogs to hang out with me, too.

Thanks for letting me share my space with you!

Sela Carsen bio

Sela Carsen was born into a traveling family, then married a military man to continue her wandering lifestyle. With her husband of 20+ years, their two teens, her mother, the dogs, and the cat, she’s finally (temporarily) settled in the Midwest. Between bouts of packing and unpacking, she writes paranormal and sci-fi romances, with or without dead bodies. Your pick. 

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A Wolf to Watch Over Me by Sela Carsen

Lauren Ivers should be home, reading and eating take-out. Or in her lab, working on new ideas in post-quantum theory. Instead, she’s on the run with the bodyguard she didn’t know she had in a desperate bid to get off-planet before she becomes a casualty in an intergalactic war. She’s sure it’s just the adrenaline that has her reacting to her oversized protector with smart-mouthed replies and a full-bodied zing she wills herself to ignore.

Hakon sidUlfr, a wolf-shifter from another world, and Lauren’s covert bodyguard, is determined to keep her safe from the Axis aliens hunting her. Not because she’s a duty, but because there’s something about her that calls to all his primitive and protective instincts. It’s a distraction he can’t afford as he works to sneak a single, small human across unfamiliar terrain.

When Hakon is injured, Lauren realizes that while he was protecting her body, she should have been protecting her heart.

A Wolf to Watch Over Me is FREE!

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