Share your romantic story…enter to win an erotic romance

What is the most romantic thing your sweetie has done for you or that you've done for him or her?

A friend once received a gun and box of bullets from her husband as a birthday present.

“Check the box of bullets,” another friend suggested. “Maybe there’s a diamond in there.”

There wasn’t, but despite my friend’s disappointment, I see romance in the gift. Her husband traveled a lot. He worried about her being home alone and wanted her ensure she was safe. It was a gift from his heart.

Driving to work one snowy day, I hit a patch of ice on a bridge and spun out, ending up facing the wrong way on the freeway. The fender was dented a little, but I was fine and continued on to work (about an hour away).

I phoned my husband to tell him what had happened. He showed up at my office and put studded snow tires on my car in the parking lot. Romantic? I think so.

One Valentine’s Day when we were dating, I came home to find a hundred roses in vases scattered all through my house. I have to admit that that also pegged the romance meter.

When it comes to romance, women expect traditional shows of affection: flowers, candlelight, jewelry. We want our husbands and boyfriends to make an effort to recognize the special days. We’re disappointed when in true Men-are-from-Mars mode, our men don’t think they way we do. To a man, changing the oil on the wife’s car shows he cares.

True romance isn’t what happens on Valentine’s Day but in the caring demonstrated every day.

So I ask…what is the most romantic thing your sweetie has done for you OR that you have done for him or her?

Answer that question on this blog between now and Feb. 15, and you’ll be entered to win an ebook (PDF) copy of the erotic romance anthology, Spanked! The stories are guaranteed hot, spicy and romantic – just the ticket to put a little zing in your Valentine.

You can enter as many times as you’d like, but each post must be in a separate comment.

The winner will be decided by an esteemed panel of judges composed of erotic romance authors and a couple of individuals who are real life spankos. Your romantic story does NOT need to involve spanking (however spanking is not precluded!). 

Official Contest Rules

To enter:  Post your answer to  the question: what is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you OR that you have done for someone else between now and February. 15. The romantic act does not need to be related to Valentine’s Day. Be sure to give your email so you can be contacted if you win. You may leave it in your posted comment OR email it to me at “carabristol at frontier dot com (no spaces).”  If you choose to email it, be sure you give me your screen name so I know who posted what!

The winner will be notified between on or before February 22 via email and will be posted on this site.

If for some reason you cannot post on this blog, you may email your comment and I will post it for you.  My email is “carabristol at frontier dot com (no spaces).”

The Judges

Francesca Hawley is a public services librarian and author who has written historical, contemporary and paranormal erotic romances. Her latest, Controlling Interest, is a BDSM erotic romance published by Ellora’s Cave. I recently interviewed Fran on this blog.

Shoshanna Evers is also an Ellora’s Cave erotic romance author. She has two titles published: Ginger Snap and Punishing the Art Thief, both with Ellora’s Cave. In 2011 she has THREE titles coming: Hollywood Spank, Ellora’s Cave; A Taste of Candy with Wild Rose Press, and a story in a Berkely Heat anthology. In her “spare time.” Shoshanna is a nurse and writes a newspaper advice column.

Starla Kaye is one theco-authors of Spanked! She wrote the story Trusting Her about a rugged rancher who is spanked by his wife. She frequently writes with a Western theme. I just finished reading Starla’s Her Cowboy’s Way, a romantic domestic discipline story. It is FUN. I also interviewed Starla and you can find her interview under Author Interviews (click on categories).

“Barely Pink” shares her exploration of submission and sensuality, discipline and desire, through prose, musings, and photographs with the readers of “The Pink Report.” (Note: her blog is definitely for those over the age of 18).

Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts is also a spanking enthusiast. Her blog, My Bottom Smarts is one of the most popular spanking blogs on the internet. I think of Bonnie as the Oprah of the spanking community.

The Prize

The winner will receive an ebook copy of  Spanked! It is a romantic, erotic anthology of four stories by three authors involving couples who love each other and choose to express it through domestic discipline.  Night Owl Reviews named Spanked! a Top Pick.

In The Driving Seat – by Richard Savage
Barbara loves to shop…especially for shoes. But she never would have thought that buying a pair of shoes would land her in so much trouble. Alan is tired of fighting with Barbara about money. He decides after one pair of $1500 shoes too many that what Barbara really needs is a spanking.

Intimate Submission – by Cara Bristol
Reese wants Jamie’s submission. But Jamie is convinced she needs to hold something back. But holding back is escalating the tension in her marriage.  Jamie’s insistence on denying Reese one final act of submission pushes him to issue the ultimate ultimatum. Jamie must choose between surrendering the final piece of herself to Reese’s mastery or rebelling against the unfairness of the ultimatum.

Trusting Her – by Starla Kaye
Rancher Sam Caldwell is in a funk. He’s been growling at his ranch hands, his friends and even his wife Katie.  When Katie gets in a funk, Sam spanks her. So, when his bad mood stretches on with no end in sight, he decides to ask Katie to spank him.

Secret Desires – by Cara Bristol
Morgan is perpetually late, but when she keeps him waiting one time too many he promises to spank her the next time she’s late.
When she shows up late to her own birthday party Jack decides it’s time to follow through on his promise.

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7 Responses to Share your romantic story…enter to win an erotic romance

  1. My husband and I go to the mall food court to eat dinner at least once a week. To get to the food court, we have to pass a jewelry store. There’s a gorgeous, huge, blingy diamond ring there I like to try on just for fun. I put it on and stare at my hand, and wave my hand around as I talk to the sales girls so I can watch it sparkle. I always thought it was sweet of my husband to let me waste time doing that even though he’s probably bored.

    On our third wedding wedding anniversary, he surprised me with THAT RING. I was so overwhelmed I burst into tears. 🙂 Yup, he’s a keeper.


  2. Erica says:

    My boyfriend has made many romantic gestures over our 14+ years, but I’ll never forget our first Valentine’s Day.

    First, he sent me a dozen roses. Not red, but our signature color, peach. (He says that color reminds him of my skin.) Then when I came over to his place, he had a box of Godiva chocolates for me, took me to a lovely dinner and gave me a poem he’d written. I was already over the moon with all this and thanked him profusely.

    The next day, I was looking for the chocolates and asked him where he’d put them. “Oh, they’re in the fridge,” he called from the other room. I went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and saw the candy box on the top shelf — with a jewelry box on top of it. A note was taped to it: “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.” It was a stunning gold bracelet, the first piece of jewelry he ever gave me.

    As the years will attest, he was and is a keeper.

  3. My nymphomaniac friend and I were chatting in a coffee shop and she said, “Last night my boyfriend brought home the most beautiful long stem flowers I’ve ever seen!” “And I can tell you, I was on my back with my legs spread the whole night!” “I looked at her rather perplexed and finally offered, “Couldn’t you find a vase?”

    But seriously folks, my Sir be can be the consummate romantic. I was a little late getting home one day, which generally is not such a big deal. Sir wasted no time in relieving me of my skirt, shoes and panties. A surprisingly brisk hand spanking ensued leaving me apologetic and discombobulated. Long before regaining my composure, he whisked me into my room and helped me wiggle into a little black and red dress and then out the door to his waiting car. Still in character and not saying a word, he peeled out of the driveway racing towards his destination with a determined fervor.

    While my bottom still stung like a sat on a beehive, my mind was floating and marinating in a post-spanking endorphin ambrosia. My bliss was short lived, however, once we pulled up to the valet in front of a fancy restaurant. Without missing a beat, I was firmly escorted into the lavish dining room and seated at a table close to the impressively big bandstand. Sir winked at me wickedly as I gingerly lowered myself into my chair, unable to suppress both a wince and a mew once my still smoldering flesh pressed against the barely yielding fabric. I felt like everyone was watching me. I knew I was blushing ferociously but I just couldn’t help it.

    Then the band came out with the whole kitchen staff and started in with a loud jazzy chorus of “Happy Birthday!” This whole event was a huge set-up for me! Including my freshly spanked bottom. After “happy birthday” the band played one of my favorite songs, (the one in my videos), and Sir asked me to dance. Having only just dreamed about spanking my whole life and now to be sporting a well spanked bottom and dancing to my favorite song with the man I love on my birthday was one of the greatest moments in my life! I felt giddy from overwhelming shyness and immeasurable gratitude. I literally had a spot light on me! I’ve never felt so cared for and understood in all my life. Sir is my champion!

  4. Michael says:

    My fiancee, Season, and I are currently long distance so every night I tuck her into bed. We talk, text and skype during the day but at bedtime we slow everything down as we both unwind and discuss our present and future life together. Occasionally, I will make up a story to tell her as she drifts off to sleep. The last one was set in Italy where a beautiful princess drove her coach to a vineyard owned by a strong man who led her from the coach so they could walk amongst the fruit holding hands. The peasant and the princess slowly fell in love as she listened to him explain how the vineyard worked, and to illustrate his point he sang her a song.

    Season says I have a marvelous singing voice but I don’t know. Anyway, I sang this old song to her over the phone. “From the Vine Came the Grape” by the Gaylords.

    After the song the princess and the peasant made love under the blue Tuscan sky and lived happily ever after.

    Maybe a little corny, but Season enjoyed it and went to sleep happy as did I.

  5. Tonya Kinzer says:

    I consider myself very lucky that I have a pretty romantic hubby! He is always looking for ways to leave me romantic reminders pretty much on a daily basis such as sexy texts on my phone, loving emails or ecards, and … if he drives my car, he’ll leave a CD in so that ‘our’ song plays when I get in. It’s no wonder I find it easy to write romance novels!

    My wish is that every woman has a partner that is exciting and stirs her inner sexuality on a daily basis!

  6. Pink says:

    It was hard to pick the most romantic thing D has done for me. There are the obvious gifts, surprise trips, candles & bubble baths. But most of his romantic gestures are small and less obvious.

    Early in our relationship, I was extremely ill. I had a kidney infection that should probably have landed me in the hospital, but I am stubborn and have access to antibiotics (shhh). So I toughed it out at home for days with a raging 104 degree fever and very smelly armpits.

    D and I started out as strictly a D/s relationship. Neither of us were really looking for a deep, loving connection — just a respectful indulgence of the other’s needs. But when I was sick, barely coherent, he drove the distance to my house to feed me and hold me while I slept.

    This was when I knew he loved me. That he could hold his suffering, smelly sub in his arms as she snored with her fever dreams, with no gain for himself — it said that what we were forging was deeper than D/s.

    I know I am a judge, so this obviously doesn’t count toward the competition, but I wanted to share my own story in the spirit of things.

  7. Cara Bristol says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing. What comes through in all the responses that true gifts from the heart are delivered with the recipient’s needs in mind. Romance doesn’t come from generic, one-size-fits all gestures.

    The contest runs until Feb. 15, so there’s still plenty of time to enter to win a copy of Spanked!

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