Summer Lovin’…the things I relish about the season…

Today is Memorial Day, a federal holiday in the US to honor the men and women who’ve died during wartime. In that, it’s a solemn holiday, but conversely, it represents the unofficial beginning summer (which officially starts June 20).

I’ve been looking forward to summer for years…in December, my husband and I moved to the Midwestern part of the United States, after having spent fifteen years in the sun-starved Pacific Northwest. In a good year, we might eke out two sunny months. For this southern California girl, it was an adjustment. I am READY!

Rainer cherries - yum

So with summer in swing, I’d like to call out my favorite things about the season:

More sun. More light. Warmth. Ahhhh….

Longer days. It stays light well into the evening hours. With more daytime, I get more done and have more opportunity for fun.

Summer fruit. Rainier cherries are my favorite. Bright yellow, they appear in stores for only about a month (July) and are more than twice as expensive as the red Bing cherries, but I love them. I also enjoy apricots, peaches, watermelon.

The abundance and lower price of fresh produce. Much better than the stuff that’s available during the winter. Cheaper too.

Summer fruit AND a pedicure. What could be better?

Sandals. Love the convenience of grab-and-go shoes.

Pedicures. Silly, but I love the look of polished toenails. Sure I could do my toes year round — but I don’t because I can’t see them when they’re covered by socks and shoes. Pedicures are a summer treat to myself.

A light, but 'hot' summer read

“Beach Books.” Like clothing and food, summer reads are lighter fare, perfect for the beach, the pool or just lazing in the backyard. I wrote Reckless in Moonlight to be a summer read.

It takes place during a summer heat wave in southern California.

What are your summer favorites?


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