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Recommended Reads: What I read in September 2019

It seems like I buy five books for every one that I read, so books get buried in my Kindle. In September, I made a concerted effort to unearth some of those books and finally read them. I found a … Continue reading

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Backlist to the Future: Awakened: Anew by Josie Litton a cross between #HungerGames and #50Shades

Backlist to the Future is a weekly Thursday feature highlighting science fiction romances from authors’ backlists. To be notified of future Backlist to the Future posts, you can subscribe to this blog (top of the sidebar). If you’d like to … Continue reading

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On my soapbox: Thoughts about erotic fiction, porn and respect…

My husband jokingly once told somebody we’d just met, “my wife writes porn.” Privately, I took him aside and told him, “You shouldn’t tell people that. They may not know you’re joking, and they might really think I write porn.” … Continue reading

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Shedding some light on Fifty Shades Darker…

After reading Fifty Shades Darker, the second book of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, I think I have it figured out: Fifty Shades is like a beautiful, elegant dress that’s been over-acessorized.  Many people will see all the “stuff” … Continue reading

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Favorite lines: From Fifty Shades of Grey

Favorite lines is an intermittent series in which I quote short passages I like in books I’ve read. This selection is from Fifty Shades of Grey. The conversation is between Anastasia Steele, the heroine, and her friend and roommate Kate. … Continue reading

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Weighing in on Fifty Shades of Grey…

Color me fifty shades of pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey. After hearing the negative feedback about the writing, I prepared myself to dislike it. And in fact, when I originally tried the free sample chapters on Kindle, … Continue reading

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