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7 Earth-sized planets…what it means to this #SFR author…

Recently, NASA announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets, three of which are in the “habitable zone,” a distance from their star with temperatures that would allow liquid water, and thus might support life or have life. This is exciting … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes: what actually happens when you a release book

You want me to do what on release day? Nooooo…. On release day, I dance to a frenetic beat, a la “Maniac” from the movie Flashdance. (See it on You Tube here) I clear my calendar for the day and … Continue reading

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Cover reveal: ALIEN MATE, my next science fiction romance #SFR #SciFiRom

Falsely convicted. Exiled to a desolate planet. Forced to take an alien mate. The unofficial blurb (subject to change, and it probably will) Not only did my Earth government fail to protect me from the syndicate that wants me dead, … Continue reading

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#8Sunday: The lovers finally meet….from Claimed by the Cyborg

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors in which authors share short excerpts from one of their books. I’m presenting Claimed by the Cyborg, my newest sci-fi romance. If you’ve been following along, you know that hero March is a cyborg who … Continue reading

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#8Sunday: 2 old nemeses meet again…from Stranded with the Cyborg

Cyberoperative Brock has reason to dislike Penelope Aaron. Her false accusations derailed his career.  A decade later, he’s been assigned to protect her. (His cover story is that he’s her husband). They meet again… Pia stopped dead, blocking disembarking passengers. … Continue reading

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