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2018 in review: a year in which strategy & planning paid off…

The bottom line: 2018 was a record-setting book sales year for me. I had my best sales year and single best pie-in-the sky month, hitting goals that once had seemed impossible. I had set a focused strategy, followed the plan, … Continue reading

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For readers: what it means when an author ‘re-releases’ a book…

A reader asked what it means when an author re-releases a book and why. A re-release means that a book was published once, then was removed from sales channels, but now is being made available again. There are two basic … Continue reading

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#SpankA2Z: J is for author, publishing JARGON

Welcome to day 10 of the 2nd Annual Spanking A to Z blog challenge. Throughout June, spanking fiction authors will post a blog corresponding to a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z. Many of … Continue reading

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Don’t take it personally…it’s just business

“Don’t take it personally–it’s business.” If you’re an author or an aspiring one, you’ve heard that phrase a time or two. It is said to console an author whose work has received a rejection or criticism by a publisher or … Continue reading

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9 things to consider if you’re going to be published…

If you’re getting ready to submit your first book to a publisher OR have been offered a publishing contract, I have two comments: A. Congratulations. B. Why are you sitting there? Get to work. You have no time to waste … Continue reading

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Getting down to business with Author Cassandra Carr

Getting down to business is a new series in which I interview successful authors, not about the writing process, but about the business side of publishing. Today’s author is with Cassandra Carr who has racked up an impressive backlist of … Continue reading

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