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My latest erotic short story: Maid for Gray

I love the ending of Maid for Gray, my latest erotic short story on Red Lipstick Journals. If you’ve read my short stories, you’d be correct to assume there’s a twist. It’s there, but this time I think the ending … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday: Mightier than the Sword

Welcome to my Six Sentence Sunday! I’m posting another excerpt from Mightier than the Sword, an erotic short story I wrote for Red Lipstick Journals. The complete story will run Monday, May 2—tomorrow on RLJ. As with most of my … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday: Call Me Desiree

Welcome to my Sunday Six! This week’s excerpt is from a new erotic short story I wrote for the Red Lipstick Journals, an online/Kindle magazine. I love stories that tease the reader to figure out what’s happening. This story has … Continue reading

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A wife’s lies, a husband’s trickery and Charity’s Revenge

Charity pulled open the armoire doors with glee. “Pants up or down?” Alex asked. She shot a glance over her shoulder. “What do you think?” His mouth twitched with humor. So did Charity’s. He wouldn’t be laughing for long. YAY! … Continue reading

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Cyber sex toys and Red Lipstick Journals…

Alexander Graham Bell’s first electronic transmission was: “Mr. Watson. Come Here. I need you.” It couldn’t have been too long afterward that someone else said over the newly invented telephone, “Hey Baby, I’m wearing a smile and nothing else,” and … Continue reading

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