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Get PETS IN SPACE before the romantic adventure ends…#scifirom

Pets in Space, an anthology of nine science fiction romances by nine authors, will be removed from publication the end of this month and will no longer be available for purchase. This is your last chance to pick up the … Continue reading

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How do you name your pets? #Dogs, #Cats #PetNames

I worked with a guy who named his cat “Bob.” It struck me as funny, I don’t know why, because I’ve consciously given my pets “people names” as a way of showing respect. So I’ve had Hannah, Mike, Sammy, Alex, … Continue reading

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Airlock Sparky? Oh no….From Pets in Space #SFR #ScifiRom

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! Pets in Space releases October 11 Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m continuing to excerpt from Spark of Attraction, my story in the Pets in Space science fiction romance anthology. Story thus far: cyborg Captain Dante Stone … Continue reading

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On childhood memories, toy dogs and robots…

One of my earliest childhood memories involves “Gaylord,” a battery-operated toy dog. (BTW, I didn’t name it Gaylord; that’s the name it came with, like Barbie). You’d pull its leash, which turned it on, and it would walk. It had … Continue reading

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