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2009-2019: A look back at how I got published…

This year, 2019, marks my tenth anniversary as a published author. In July 2009 I signed my first book publishing contract. Writing books and getting published was always my BIG DREAM.  It was the one thing I wanted more than … Continue reading

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2018 in review: a year in which strategy & planning paid off…

The bottom line: 2018 was a record-setting book sales year for me. I had my best sales year and single best pie-in-the sky month, hitting goals that once had seemed impossible. I had set a focused strategy, followed the plan, … Continue reading

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Insider secrets: from Deception….to Redemption. Hidden plot clues

I love dropping little clues that hint at the story or the theme of my romance novels. One way I’ve done that in my steamy, funny Alien Mate scifi romance series is with the name of the ship that ferries … Continue reading

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The crafting of a romance novel blurb, from draft to final…#romancewriting #fictionwriting #writecraft

  I write blurbs the same way I write a novel–by pantsing, not plotting. I let the ideas come to me. If I attempted to sit down and craft a blurb, I would stare at a blank screen going uhh…. … Continue reading

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‘Migatory’ #SFR author Lea Kirk shares her many writing spaces #AuthorsInSpace

By Lea Kirk When Cara first asked if I’d like to share my writing space with you all, I made a weird gulping sound. What I wanted to share was my neat and clean dream office, complete with walnut floor-to-ceiling bookcases, a … Continue reading

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A visit into Kayelle Allen’s ‘homeworld’ office #AuthorsInSpace #SFR

By Kayelle Allen Since 2004, I have used the phrase “homeworld” instead of website for kayelleallen.com. But honestly, the room shown in these pictures is my true homeworld. I swear I live here. Sometimes nod off here. Have eaten meals … Continue reading

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Bracing for a whirlwind 2018, what I expect this year…

As I write this, I am sitting in the calm before the storm.  2018 is showing every indication of being a category 5 hurricane. I had high hopes this year of writing/publishing only four, maybe five books. You know, cutting … Continue reading

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What I learned in 2017 part 1: Get my ducks in a row!

When you make a mistake, you learn what not to do. But when things go right…you learn what to do. Knock on wood, I had a very good year. Soon, I’ll post my annual year in review, but for the … Continue reading

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#AuthorsInSpace: Cara Bristol’s functional writing office…#scifirom

I had another author’s post scheduled for today, but it fell through, so you get me. What is most special to me about my office is that it is mine, all mine, only mine and is devoted to my writing … Continue reading

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Books and a bass violin dress up author Tasha Black’s office #AuthorsInSpace #PNR

By Tasha Black Although I’ve got several spaces in the house that I use for writing, my favorite writing spot occupies the same territory that the rest of the family uses for music and books! I always feel extra inspired … Continue reading

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