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13 tips on how to promote your book…lessons from #RT14

If you’re just tuning in today, I recommend you read Wednesday’s blog on “Why some ebooks sell and others don’t,” because this post is Part 2. The goal of promotion is basically to get enough readers to buy your book so … Continue reading

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Why some ebooks sell and others don’t—lessons from #RT14

Why do some books skyrocket while others languish? What does an author have to do to get his/her ebook to sell? Courtney Milan, a historical romance author who has a background in math and science, presented an excellent overview on … Continue reading

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#RT14 review: Was the conference worth it?

This was my second time attending the Romantic Times Booklovers Conference. RT is a crazy, chaotic, cacophonous, overwhelming convention that brings together writers, publishers, agents, booksellers, bloggers and readers. Although I found many of this year’s seminars lackluster compared to … Continue reading

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#RT14: Why Walmart doesn’t have any wooden spoons…

…Because I have them all! Mwahahaha! For the past couple of months, I have been buying up the wooden spoons from my local Walmart stores. Several checkers have said to me, “That’s a lot of spoons.” “Yes,” I’d reply with … Continue reading

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Enter to win Spanking Bottom Red Wine at #RT14

“Fun, adventurous, provocative or serious…’to each their own’ we say,’” says Spanking Bottom Red Wine. I say it’s a pert, drinkable wine that warms the palate. It’s comes across as a bold and robust at first, but after proper breathing, … Continue reading

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