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My most popular writing blogs of 2016

I blog, therefore, I am. I like blogging. It’s me. As a kid, I kept a diary. I was “opinion editor” of my college newspaper. I wrote a weekly column when I worked as a newspaper reporter. I was born … Continue reading

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Is blogging dying? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Is blogging dying out? Are people deserting their blogs for Instagram? For Facebook? In updating my blogroll and scheduling a blog tour f I discovered a lot of inactive blogs. Some blogsI I visited had been removed, others hadn’t been updated … Continue reading

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Pinterest…the latest (and greatest) social media craze…

If you haven’t been on Pinterest, you’re probably lucky. It’s a time vortex. You logon and the next thing you know, hours have disappeared. If you HAVE been on Pinterest you know how much fun it is. For the uninitiated, … Continue reading

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