Taking a break from it all…

Girl Sticking Her Hands and Feet Out of the WindowMy husband and I, who live the chilly Midwest, recently took a trip to San Diego to visit family. Of course, the usual flight delays and cancellations occurred, but it was a good trip. I had timed the trip so that I could submit Breeder 2: Terran to Loose Id before I left. It was race against the clock to finish on time, but I did.

The first morning I woke up on vacation, I was at a loss as to what to do. Normally I’d be at the computer writing or checking social media, but I didn’t even have Wifi yet. I felt disoriented; I wanted to be working. I worried about the amount of email I would have when I returned.

By day 2, I’d gotten over all that, and found I didn’t miss work. With the exception of checking email, I didn’t “work” at all. Even though travel can often be inconvenient and frustrating, I feel the benefits outweigh the negatives. The downtime gave me a chance to reflect on the benefits that I get from vacation:

  1. Mentally and physically disengaging from work. It’s like pressing a reset button.
  2. An opportunity to read. I finished four books and got halfway through a fifth. Usually I read about 1 book a week.
  3. Quality time with family and friends.
  4. Experiencing new things.
  5. People watching. Airports are fabulous for this.
  6. Enhanced understanding/appreciation for the world at large (most significant with foreign travel, but just getting out of town helps).
  7. The reminder that life isn’t all about work; balance is important.
  8. Better weather (sometimes it’s worth going just for this!)
  9. An appreciation of home (It’s fun going, but coming home to my own house, my own bed, coffee, shower, etc. feels good).

What do you enjoy most about vacations?

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  1. Cara Thereon says:

    Being somewhere new! I was on a cruise before Christmas which means I had no Internet. I just relaxed and it was wonderful. I do enjoy the act of traveling (airports, flying to places, new experiences). It appeals to the restless wander in me.

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