Terrible things I’ve done to my electronic devices…

old phone

In the old days, all you had to worry about was a twisted cord.

My electronic devices have suffered some mishaps:

  • My cell phone ran through a complete washing cycle. My husband found it when he went to put the clothes in the dryer. “What setting would you like your phone dried on?” he asked. Surprisingly, after it dried out (not in the dryer!), it still worked, but I’d ordered a new one–my first smart phone.
  • Within just weeks of getting it, I dropped it, and cracked the screen.
  • I also nearly fried its little electronic brain when I forgot it and left it in the car on a hot day. Apparently it isn’t only pets and children you can’t leave in the car. It’s not good for phones either. I had a warning message on my cell when I got back to my vehicle. Surprisingly, again, once it cooled down, it still worked. I don’t think it was quite as smart, though.
  • I almost extinguished my first Kindle when I dumped a glass of water over it. Once it dried out, it continued to work — but the little toggle switch was always kind of stiff after that.

I’ve had my newest smart phone for about a year, and so far I haven’t done anything to it!

How about you? What have you done to your electronic devices?

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8 Responses to Terrible things I’ve done to my electronic devices…

  1. Leigh Smith says:

    My cell phone also through a complete washing in the washer. My brand new laptop suffered through a bottle of water accidently spilled – it never recovered.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Losing a laptop would be awful. Fortunately (knock on wood), I’ve never ruined a laptop (although I’ve had one crash, before).

      My new smart phone is too big to fit comfortably in my pocket, so it’s unlikely to take a spin in the washer.

  2. Jannie says:

    My iPads frequently take unplanned trips to the floor as I drift off to dreamland in my easy chair. So far, no damage.

  3. KJ Van Houten says:

    iPhone, iPad, iPod — and even my laptop — all have been through a lot of dropping but only the iPod has a cracked screen and it’s small crack so bearable. But I’m killer when it comes to earbuds! Doesn’t take long for wires to get twisted or even come apart, even wireless ones. I’ve dropped them into soapy water when washing dishes. I’ve dropped then on the hot open oven door. They’ve gone through washer and dryer cycles. My dog has chewed them. Between washing them or just losing them, I’ve gone through 4 Bluetooth earphones (the expensive kind), four wireless earbud sets, and too many of the wired earbuds to count, just over the past 5 years, sadly, my daughter is starting to take after me.dont get me started on how frequently we must replace charge cables….

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