The aliens struggle for life and love continues…

The ‘Topian [Back]Story….how it all began…

Located in the Scutum-Centaurus arm of the Milky Way was a planet called ‘Topia, inhabited by aliens who were created as a genetic experiment.

The ‘Topians were engineered in a laboratory by the Xeno Consortium, alien geneticists who collected (some say stole) DNA from across the galaxy, created new life forms which they seeded on the previously uninhabited planet.

(By the way, you should know that eons ago the Xenos collected DNA samples from Earth and tinkered with the human genome while they were here. Now back to the ‘Topians…)

Within ‘Topian DNA is a mating gene that matches to only one other individual. If they encounter their “genmate” the bond is instantaneous and unbreakable.

Over the millennia, the ‘Topians reproduced, thrived, and advanced to such a degree that the Xenos began to worry their pet project would surpass them and usurp their supremacy.

So the Xenos destroyed ‘Topia. They scorched the entire planet, setting the atmosphere on fire and destroying every living thing.

A few thousand Xenos managed to escape, evacuated by a Xeno rebel named Chameleon. Chameleon sent the refugees to secret haven planets where the consortium couldn’t find them. One group ended up on Earth. The story of how they found genmates here is told in the Alien Castaways series: Chameleon, Wingman, Psy, Shadow, Inferno, and Tigre.

Edwin Mysk was one of those who settled on Earth.  Over the decades, he nurtured our technology, built his own tech company, and amassed a fortune. Although he had a good life, he never found his genmate like the others, and he was haunted by the massacre on ‘Topia. The desire for vengeance began to grow. He decides to leave Earth, reunite the scattered ‘Topian colonies, and seek out the Xenos and make them pay for the atrocity they committed.

He lands on Laxiter 4 where supposedly there is a large colony of ‘Topians, but finds a lone ‘Topian female…who turns out to be his genmate. Their genetics instantly bond them together.

Except Lala isn’t ‘Topian, but a shapeshifting Xeno.

Mysk and Lala’s story is told in the Genmate Dilemma trilogy, Genmate Mistaken, Genmate Forsaken, Genmate Imperiled.

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