The ‘best’ of Authors in Space…my favorite writer offices…

Author offices are as varied as the writers’ books. Every Saturday for Authors in Space a different science fiction/science fiction romance author shows where she or he writes. It’s not always an “office.” For this week’s post, I’m presenting some of my favorites from previous posts. To view the original post/photos featuring that author, click on the author name.

A themed office (and the first Authors in Space post!)….Laurie Green

An office with a beautiful view… Susan Grant

Idea I’d like to steal, the book wall…M.K. Eidem

Screen Envy…Pauline B. Jones

Prettiest multipurpose room…Tasha Black

Best author photo, love her smile…Carol Van Natta

The post that made me laugh…Vivien Jackson

Neatest office, and the best way to submit an Authors in Space post…JC Hay

Most incredible story boards…Lance S.A. Nielsen

Most “authorly” look…Eva Caye


Do you have a favorite author office photo (one here or one published in previous post)? Leave a comment so I know you visited.

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6 Responses to The ‘best’ of Authors in Space…my favorite writer offices…

  1. Wow! Fun look back! I sort of remember my desk being that clean. LOLOL

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Being on Authors in Space is kind of like having guests–you clean up before they come. Some authors did show their offices in their “natural” state.

  2. Eva Caye says:

    Susan Grant and J.C. Hay for the win! I wonder if my office will ever look that nice, although I do have a few crystals and other stones and pendulums sitting around. But, that view…! View envy, is that a thing?!

  3. What a fun recap! Love it! And wow, didn’t realize I was the first to chime in for Authors in Space. I’ve loved reading the posts and seeing the photos from other authors’ writing environments. As Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

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