The challenge of creating alien main characters in science fiction romance #scifirom #PetsinSpace #cyborg

An inspiration photo for Solia, the heroine of Rescued by Cyborg in Pets in Space 2

“I think if we Terrans had met the Farian people before our languages evolved, we’d use to the word Farian to mean beauty.” – Benson Vincere, Hunted by the Cyborg

Aliens as secondary characters are fun and easy to develop because an author can do anything she wants with them. You can be as creative and “out there” as you wish. But developing alien main characters is a challenge. I love my “slime crawlers” and my six-eyed, sticky-fingered Arcanians, but I could never cast them as the hero or heroine. In science fiction romance, alien main characters need to different from humans, but they still have to appeal to readers. Readers have to be able see them as the hero or heroine.

One main character I created for my Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance cyborg series is the Faria. If the name looks a little familiar, it’s a play on fairy. Faria are winged humanoids, but wings aren’t the only feature that make them different from humans.

Faria have silver skin and a natural luminosity that makes them glow. They don’t blush, they silver. They have musical, tinkling voices. Nature has grated each faria a “special gift” or talent that is unique to that individual.

Faria have starred as the heroines in two Cy-Ops books.  Illumina—whose name means light—is the heroine of book 3, Captured by the Cyborg. She is a computer sensate. She has the ability to mentally integrate into computer code. She can hack into any computer system.

Solia—whose name mean sun—is the heroine of Rescued by the Cyborg, my story in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2. Her special gift is languages. She can speak or at least understand just about any language. In addition, because her mother was an empath, she inherited a moderate amount of empathic ability.

Both Illumina and Solia make a reprise as secondary characters in Hunted by the Cyborg, book 6, which will be released in January.

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  1. The thing with aliens is that you can design them with whatever good — or bad — traits you want. I figure you need to make something about an alien romantic lead extra special to overcome the icky-alien factor, as you’ve done with your beautiful Faria, and which I’m trying to do with the super-honest and generous aliens in my WIP. Your Faria sound a lot like the elves as portrayed in the LOTR movies.

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