The ‘Feminist and the Dom’ needs a new title…

“The Feminist and the Dom,” the third book the Rod and Cane Society Domestic Discipline series needs a new title I’ve been informed by my editor at Loose Id. It doesn’t  fit with the other books in the series, Unexpected Consequences and False Pretenses.

I’d had misgivings about the title at the time I submitted it. On the pro side, I think  has a hook because there’s an inherent conflict inherent. However, I had feared it could mislead readers who might expect a BDSM book, instead of domestic discipline. The “Dom” is more of a dominant than a Dominant.

So I’m not upset that Loose Id is requiring me to change the name, but the pressure is on. The book is going into proofreading and is set for a January 2013 release date. What the heck am I going to call this thing?

What I need is a two-word adjective, noun title that implies a question or conflict. For instance, in Unexpected Consequences you know there are unanticipated repercussions to an action.  False Pretenses implies subterfuge.

In The Feminist and the Dom, a diehard feminist is set up on a blind date with the deputy chief of police who belongs to the Rod and Cane Society, the organization who spank their wives. Though she’s intensely attracted to him, she instantly pegs him as a chauvinist and wants nothing more to do with him. But of course, she doesn’t know the half of it! He, on the other hand, is quite taken by her and plans to show her that her true strength lies in submission and not feminist manifesto. They were fixed up by Liz Davenport, the attorney friend of Melania in Unexpected Consequences.

I want a title that implies a power struggle, a contest of wills, a battle of the sexes. I’d considered “Manhandle,” because at one point in the story the heroine accuses the hero of having manhandled her, all the while she’s attempting to “handle” him. But it’s only one word and too many other books have that title. I thought of “Hot Pursuit,” because it’s a police term and Mark does pursue her, but my editor rejected that as too common also, and it doesn’t have the natural conflict that Unexpected Consequences or False Pretenses have.

I’m considering “Fair Advantage” or “Unfair Advantage” because in another part of the story Mark tells Stephanie he need every advantage with her because he’s “just a man.” But she thinks that men are born with all the advantages.

But I don’t know. Any suggestions?

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22 Responses to The ‘Feminist and the Dom’ needs a new title…

  1. Basia Rose says:

    I’m incapable of coming up with titles. It’s a serious problem for me!
    I do like your ideas though.

  2. I’m pretty bad at titles too, but that doesn’t mean I won’t give it a shot.

    What about the word ‘uniform’ but as an adjective? Uniform Justice?

    Wait…got out my Black’s Law Dictionary for some possible words or phrases. Equitable Defense? Contested? Contempt? Held in Contempt?

  3. This is not according to your formula, but I thought of Feminism Unmanned…because it might mean that “feminism” is now left without Stephanie (is that the right name?) to “man” it, and that phrasing shows one of the ways that even language assumes that all people are men.

  4. Cygnet says:

    Unwilling Custody? Giving Way? Learning to Yield? Conflicting Natures? Intimate Contact? Legal Lessons?

  5. As a Women’s Rights Activist, I loved your choice. My hope would be that ‘Feminist” stays somehow. “The Feminist Illusion” by Cara Bristol

  6. Minelle says:

    I’m not even a writer, but what about something like…Submissive Conflict.

  7. MHarvey says:

    How about “Mixed Signals”?

  8. Cara Bristol says:

    You all are great! Keep ’em coming!

  9. Sue Lyndon says:

    Warring Desires, Uncovered Passion, Feminist Clash…

    I’m bad at titles and it takes me forever to come up with one that makes me happy. Good luck! 🙂

  10. Thianna D says:

    Feminism Unleashed? Disgruntled Feminist? I’m out. LOL Title creation is such a hard thing to do.

  11. Jade Cary says:

    Reluctant Submission, but I also love Joe’s suggestion, The Feminist’s Illusion.

    Whatever you decide, go to Amazon and SEARCH the title. if more than one book comes up with that title, move on. Your book will get lost otherwise. Learned this from Staci at Lazy Day.

  12. Renee Rose says:

    I really like having the word feminist in it. I’ve been exciting about this book ever since I heard the title. Feminist submission? Feminist discipline?

  13. What about manipulation, rather than manhandle?

    As it’s a legal and moral disagreement – Contested Positions?

    • sASSYtWATTER says:

      So many good ones…I imagine it is going to be hard to choose but I love Contested Positions. Also Feminist Dilemma & Submissive Conflict. there are so many good ones maybe you can use them for other books in the series. Cant wait to read this one!

  14. Cara Bristol says:

    Here are some words I’ve been playing with: attraction, opposites, compatible, incompatible, irresistible, differences, typical, uncommon, adversary, compromises, positions. Argh!!!

  15. Tor says:

    How about somehing along the lines of:
    Disrupted Expectations
    Interupted Expectations

    Sort of works along side of Unexpected Consequences.

    Good luck – Tor

  16. How about ‘Conflicting Submission/s’ or Submissive Conflict’? I have in the past offered up a range of possible titles to my readership on my blog (and often cover designs) and had them vote on them.

    Best wishes – Garth

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