The importance of having A Room of Her Own…Athena Grayson on Authors In Space

By Athena Grayson

A Room Of Her Own?

Virginia Woolf famously said “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” She even wrote it in a book she called “A Room Of One’s Own,” which is a whole, wonderful, sometimes maddening, book about Women and Writing.

For the longest time, I didn’t have a Room Of My Own. Or money. I still don’t have money, but I blame my kids’ tendency to grow like tall weeds for that, and I let it go gladly, because they really would run around naked if I let them. I’m okay with feral, but it has to be feral wearing pants and a clean shirt.

But having a Room matters to me.

My house came equipped with a Study. One of those main-floor rooms that’s designed to be a home office, and which is usually claimed by the man o’the manor, so to speak, and for the longest time, it was. Until I colonized it.

When I claimed the study, it wasn’t just about having a room where I could close the door. It was about me declaring my seriousness about my career. I’ve been a writer for over twenty years, but kids and family have always come first. For years, I’ve worked in the kitchen, the sunroom, the dining room, at ball practice, etc. I’ve tucked my writing into the extra spaces and times, until last year when I declared that I was Claiming This Study In the Name of Queen Mom.

Now, I fully expected static from this, but there was a reason I knew Mr. Athena was The One, because he shrugged and said, “Sure, but can I have the dining room?” So we set him up in the dining room (not like we eat there, anyway–it’s the kitchen counter or on the go, most days) and I got the study and my world changed. It became so much easier to look at myself in the mirror and say, “I’m serious about this. This is important to me, and that makes it important.” Even my kids started taking writing time seriously (it helps that they’re older now. Not less prone to having pit fights, but they are good about not leaving the place as much of a disaster ).

We are getting ready to move, as Mr. Athena’s job is taking us to another city. My study has become Our Study and surprisingly…it’s worked out pretty well. On my side, I have a modestly-sized desk that’s just big enough for my monitors (my desktop, like my brain, has 6,743 tabs open at once), my mechanical keyboard (CM Storm Ultimate with brown CherryMX switches and a nice, light bounce to it), my mouse, and my gaming pad. I used to have a huge 4-foot by 6-foot white board against one wall for brainstorming, but it’s re-homed in the basement while we prep the house for the market.

So the disclaimer is that this is far neater than my office space usually is. I am allowed to have one of my porgs (the adorable/deplorable little birdlike critters from The Last Jedi) to keep me company, and red licorice because it is my weakness. I also have a Cat Throne next to the window, where one or another of our cats monitors my productivity and talks to the birds in the backyard. The dog hangs out under Mr. Athena’s desk unless I have food. My favorite part of the day is after I’ve driven the kids to school, when I sit down with the first cup of coffee and open Scrivener, ready to make stories.

Not everyone needs a room of one’s own, but it’s okay to claim space and make it yours. Your stories matter, too, and you deserve a great place to create them.

Athena Grayson bio

SFR Galaxy award winning author Athena Grayson loves smart, sexy philosopher-king heroes, warrior queens, and rich, thoughtful universes where they play, fall in love, and fight bad guys.

Her flagship series is for fans of Star Wars, Firefly, and Killjoys. Huntress of the Star Empire is a space opera with sizzle. Treska’s the best bounty huntress in the star system, and Micah is her target. But getting him in handcuffs was easy. Keeping him out of her mind is a lot harder, especially when he might be the only one who can unlock her missing memories. On the run from every scumbag in the star system, Treska begins to realize that her target may be the only one she can trust. You can start The Chase (book 1 of the series) free at

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5 Responses to The importance of having A Room of Her Own…Athena Grayson on Authors In Space

  1. Good luck with the move. Those are never easy!

  2. It is always fun to see where other authors write. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tasha Black says:

    I love both your philosophy and your straightforward & down-to-business Ground Control looking desk! Happy writing! 🙂

  4. Liza O'Connor says:

    I bought a large screen to help me see details when using photoshop, but it’s not compatible with photoshop. Instead of being easier to see, it makes everything tiny and years later, they have failed to come up with a solution. So I have to use my small screen instead. And my big screen is just getting dusty.

    I love and envy your setup!

  5. Thank you, Cara, for hosting me, and thank you to the commenters for joining in! 🙂

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