The perfect swimsuit–designed by an alien…an excerpt from KRINAR’S DESIRE

Release date: September 12

The Krinar aliens have invaded Earth, but they’re not all bad. They designed a swimsuit to die for.

In this scene from Krinar’s Desire, a Krinar Kindle World story, Caitlyn Meadows has gone undercover to expose the alien’s evil intentions. However, Caitlyn is about to be exposed, because Arak (a Krinar) wants her to go swimming with him. She’s wearing a transceiver in her ear and a “pendant cam.” “Mike” is her producer, speaking to her through the transceiver.

Arak had mentioned swimming relaxed him, and if he let his guard down, he might incriminate himself. She’d remove the pendant for swimming, but she would keep the earpiece. She could paddle in the shallow end, keeping her head out of the water.

“Wonderful. I’ll meet you out here in ten minutes. Will that give you enough time to change? You’ll find everything you need inside.”

“Perfect. See you in ten minutes.” She headed for the cabana.

“Have you lost your mind? You’ll have to take off the recording devices. What if he reveals another plot?” Mike yammered.

The door dissolved, and she entered. Inside, the lighting—which seemed to have no direct source, was optimal without being harsh. The cabana reminded her of a spa, with private, curtained changing cubicles, storage lockers, showers, and a room she didn’t recognize that must be the drying facility Arak had mentioned.

Alone, at last. “Mike.” She gritted her teeth. “If you don’t stop telling me how to do my job, I’m going to remove the earpiece.”

Her producer stopped talking and started sulking. At least, he was quiet.

Against one wall were cubbies filled with bright fabrics. She shook one out. The silken cloth was the most beautiful shade of turquoise she’d ever seen, but the scarf-like suit had no shape or style. It would hang on her like a sack. She couldn’t swim in that. She rifled through the others, but while they came in different colors, the style and sizes were the same.

One size fits all might work for a scarf or a shawl, but it didn’t come close to cutting it for a swimsuit. She dangled the turquoise one on her finger. She would have to tell Arak she’d changed her mind.

Mike snickered. “Not gonna work for you, huh?”

That was the last straw.

Caitlyn unhooked the pendant, marched over to one of the benches, and placed it camera lens down.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to try on the suit.” If it came close to working, she would wear it. She could sit on the edge while Arak swam. “One more word out of you, and I’ll remove the earpiece, too. So, if you want to hear the conversation, you’d better keep quiet.”

She’d be reprimanded by Viral News for speaking to her producer so disrespectfully, but, right now, she didn’t care. She stomped into one of the changing cubicles and yanked the curtain closed. Nobody had been at the pool, but that didn’t mean other employees wouldn’t show up. She had no desire to parade her imperfect body around the perfect Krinar women.

She slipped out of her clothes and then stepped into the swimsuit and pulled it up. The fabric began to conform to her body. The suit seemed almost alive as it shaped and molded itself to her curves. She ripped the curtain aside and ran to peer at a mirror she’d noticed on the wall. She stared in disbelief at the transformation. It had to be the most perfect fit ever.

“Oh my god.” The suit was a dream. There was no bra in it, but it supported her breasts perfectly, showing a hint of cleavage, while nipping at least a couple of inches off her waist and flattening her stomach. She spun around and peered over her shoulder at the back. The suit dipped low and hugged her ass. She pivoted to study the front again. Even her chubby thighs looked slimmer.

If this was an example of Krinar technology, she wanted stock in the swimsuit company. Women would kill for a bathing suit like this.

Krinar’s Desire blurb

He’ll never let her go…

Pretending she works for the mayor’s office, investigative journalist Caitlyn Meadows goes undercover at a K company intending to expose the Krinar and show the world the dark side of the powerful, mesmerizing aliens who have invaded Earth.

Arak, a Krinar, prefers to avoid the weak, technologically backward humans, but the moment he meets Caitlyn, he wants her. Getting her to submit to his dark desires consumes him, and he sets out to seduce her.

Falling under Arak’s spell, Caitlyn begins to doubt her beliefs and her mission. She doesn’t know who to trust–her colleagues at Viral News who warn she’s becoming too close to a dangerous alien—or her own heart that urges her to get even closer by becoming Arak’s mate.

Making the wrong choice could mean her life…

Krinar’s Desire…coming Sept. 12!

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  1. This is fantastic. What’s the point of creating your own world if you can’t right a few of the injustices of life, like the never ending pursuit of the perfect suit. 🙂

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