What do you read on? Enter to win a Cara Bristol #swag pack #giveaway #FreebieFriday

Update: The contest has ended and the winner’s name has been drawn

Reading is one my greatest pleasures. When I was a kid, I thought it would be cool to work in a bookstore so I could read for free. I love the smell of new books! They should make a book-scented candle. Lol.

But I have to admit, I love, love, love my Kindle. I took to Kindle like a duck to water. Nowadays, with the exception of a few nonfiction books, I almost exclusively read on Kindle.

For a chance to win a SWAG pack of a couple of bookmarks, a fridge magnet/chip clip and a Cara Bristol pen, answer this question:

What do you read on?

A Kindle? A Nook? An iPhone or Android? Tablet? Good old paperback?

Be sure to leave your email address either in the sign-in box or in the comments so I can contact you if you win.

The winner will be selected by random draw and announced on Monday. Good luck!

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94 Responses to What do you read on? Enter to win a Cara Bristol #swag pack #giveaway #FreebieFriday

  1. Gill says:

    Mostly I read on kindle, with only one author in dead tree format, who doesn’t seem to get published in e format. Its how I discovered your books, and other authors. I’d never be able to afford all the paper versions of all the books I love to read

  2. Renee Brooks says:

    I only read in Kindle.

  3. Kristy James says:

    Kindle only!

  4. Penny Leidecker says:

    I read on my iPad, but I’ve got the kindle app downloaded. I have a kindle, but I prefer the bigger screen on my iPad. Thank you so much for the chance.

  5. Melissa S. says:

    Usually a paper book or my kindle. If I’m out and about – on my iPad with the kindle app. Love technology!

  6. Michelle says:

    I read on anything I can get my hands on lol. My kindle , my iPhone, paperbacks, whatever !! If I had to pick my fav outside of a good old fashioned paperback would be my kindle !!❤. Thank u !!!

  7. Walter A. Deeter says:

    Used to be my Kindle. Since I’ve gotten so much into audio books I’m more into my iPhone, even when I’m not listening.

  8. Jennifer Goins says:

    I love the old fashioned way of reading a book just a paperback book for some reason it seems more personal plus I don’t have all the fancy things like a Kindle or nook ipad or phone because due to my health I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis which means that my stomach is paralyzed and there is not a cure for what I have wrong with me so we can’t afford the fancy things like a nook , Kindle and ipad or iPhone but anyway I love to read the old fashioned way anyway . I try to win the books on Goodreads.com so after I am done reading the book I always give a honest review on Goodreads.com Thanks for the chance to win .

  9. Melody Dawn says:

    I read on a Samsung Galaxy tablet so I can have access to Amazon, BN, and Google.

  10. Denise Schenk says:

    I need a new paperwhite kindle.

  11. Audrey says:

    Kindle app via my galaxy phone 😉

  12. Angela says:

    I read on Kindle device, and phone (iBooks,kindle,kobo app) thanks for the chance!

  13. Miroslava Vasileva says:


  14. Lola says:

    I have an ipad with the kindle app and my Kobo e-reader that I read on mostly. I love e-books, even though I was a bit slow to switch over. At first I wasn’t sure if e-books would be for me, but once I got my Kobo I changed my mind quickly and nowadays most books I read are e-books. But I still buy some paperback and hardcopies now and then too.

  15. Emily says:

    Kindle, also have a nook.

  16. Cait says:

    I usually read on kindle but I like paperbacks too

  17. Tina Walsh says:

    I have 2 kindles, an ereader and kindle fire full of books and still read paperbacks and collect them.

  18. Linda says:

    I read mainly on Kindle, though I do collect a few Authors paperbacks. I have been known to try to recharge a paperback when I haven’t read one for a while. hahah

  19. Ramona says:

    I read on my iPad. Get books through iTunes.

  20. Kathryn Dean says:

    I read on a tablet and a lg phone until I get a new data cord for my Kobo Lookbook

  21. Eileen Predmore says:

    I read only on my Kindle, we are best friends!

  22. Karen Jackson says:

    I also only read on Kindle, I have two!!

  23. Carol says:

    I read on Kindle. Have worn 4 out so far. But I try to buy my favourite authors in paperback too. My best books on my shelf are signed ones from my most favorite authors (just in case my latest kindle breaks) and I can go to them at any time.

  24. Danyelle Wadsworth says:

    I mostly read on my kindle but occasionally I read paperbacks as well

  25. Julie Hoyt says:

    I love to read good old fashioned paper back books and just started reading e-books ok my tablet

  26. Sandra Rinke says:

    I have an android phone wih the kindle app and tolino app . I also have a kindle fire and a tolino ereader .

  27. Gemma rees says:

    As I’m on the move all day I love reading kindle on my phone… though when I’m on holiday I like a good old fashioned book to drool over

  28. Jo Jones says:

    I have a Nook reader, a iPad, a Kindle Fire but my favorite is my Kindle paper white. Great size and can read anywhere.

  29. Josie Lee says:

    I read on my phone with a kindle app, or paper book.

  30. Rene Jones says:

    I read on my Sony Reader (have 5 backups). I have a kindle but hate the having to swipe every page. Nook and Kobo no longer let anyone download the books they bought so I cancelled those accounts. I have Calibre (60K eBooks’ need to be organized) that will convert any format to any other format so I mostly get books from Amazon. I gave up on paper in 2004 in Iraq when Sony came out.

  31. Julie Parrish says:

    I have a kindle but I still like reading the old fashioned way with the book in hand. Im trying to get used to the kindle and am loading it full of books

  32. Julie Parrish says:


  33. On my iPad, using iBooks. Kindle, Kobo – whatever I need. I have a Kindle but prefer the larger size of the iPad. Thanks!!!

  34. Cheryl Dowden says:

    I read on a Kindle. I have had several, but currently I am using a paperwhite. I occasionally read on my Ipad or iPhone.

  35. Crystal says:

    On my paperwhite kindle. Also on my phone.

  36. Laura says:

    I read exclusively on my LG V20 phone which is like a mini tablet using the kindle app. I loooooove ebooks as I read about 600 books a year and my wrist aches too back when I hold books anymore. What a fun way to enter a contest 🙂

  37. I mostly read print books but I have won a free ebooks that I do read on my Kindle. But if I buy a books it’s almost always a print book.

  38. Glenna Hays says:

    Kindle Baby!

  39. Anna says:

    I read on my tablet which has both the Kindle and Kobo apps but still read paperbacks too

  40. Sue Clement says:

    I read mostly on my kindle but I still do buy books and borrow from the library.

  41. Sarah Rudolfs says:

    I read mostly from my Kindle but paperbacks and hardbacks will always be my top favorite

  42. kat says:

    Kindle but I prefer paperbacks. With e-books I read and forget. With a paperback I read a good story over and over and remember it.

  43. Michelle Hooper says:

    Kindel app

  44. Heather Durant says:

    I use my kindle mostly for the convenience of downloading the books. I also switch back and forth with audio books, especially when I’m driving a lot.

  45. Kristi R. says:

    I mostly read kindle books, with some dead tree and nook books thrown in the mix. I love that flexible font for this trifocal glasses wearing lady!

  46. Linda Romer says:

    All of thee above! I read on everything and I love hardbacks the most. Thank you

  47. Anonymous says:

    I read most on my phone these days! Or my kindle!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I accept anonymous comments on my blog, because I want to encourage readers to comment. However, when you’re entering a contest, it’s impossible for me to notify you if you won if you post anonymously.

  48. Beverly A Ross says:

    I read on my phone and my kindle app

  49. LBelle says:

    Paperback for comfort
    Laptap next to my sweetie when he’s channel-surfing (Yay for increasing the font size!)
    Tablet on trips (planes, hotels, parks)
    Android in line and on lunch break
    Audio in the car for long commute

    Thanks for feeding my reading addiction!

  50. Irene Talbert says:

    I have two kindles. One I use for my emails and going on the internet because I have basicly run out of space on this kindle. My new kindle is only for my books.

  51. Annie says:

    Kindle only for non-fiction. I still have one bookcase full of my all time favorite history and biography actual books, as well as two fiction series, that I will never get rid of. I could re read each a hundred times. For fast fiction reads, nothing beats a kindle for accessibility and low cost. It allows me to read hundreds of books I could not afford or store in a physical format.

  52. Audra Holtwick says:

    I have 3 kindles and my iPad also read on my phone and the tried and true paperback books, I love them all. I love me some swag!

  53. Joy Giachino says:

    I have four tablets one is a kindle , a Samsung a Nook and a generic Android . .. it seems easiest to acquire new releases through amazon though I like Google books and Kobo . .. not to leave our my obsession with physical copies as well

  54. Elaine Folger says:

    I have 2 Kindle readers & 2 Kindle Fires. I read on all of them, plus print books. I like Amazon because it’s easy to use and has plenty of freebies!

  55. Sharon Extine says:

    I read on a Kindle!

  56. Sharon Coffey says:

    Kindle what I read on

  57. Loura Delaney says:

    I buy a number of paperbacks but mostly it’s the iPad. Gives nearly everywhere with me.

  58. Mary Preston says:

    I do have a Kindle, but I think I will always prefer a hard copy.

  59. Julia says:

    I love everything about good old fashioned books; the look of them on a bookcase, getting excited about turning the next page over and the smell

  60. Susan says:

    Kindle. Never looked back!

  61. Debra S. says:

    I read on my nook and on paperback

  62. Kathy says:

    I read paperbacks and on a KOBO ereader.

  63. RetiredHsMom says:

    Kindle only

  64. Shannon Capelle says:

    I read on my kindle and paperbacks!!

  65. Kim says:

    Mainly on my Kindle (this is my 3rd Kindle but my actual 4th digital reader). I do read a few paper books.

  66. Linda Herold says:

    I prefer to read hardbacks and paperbacks. I also read on a Kindle.

  67. Jennifer Lovins says:

    I mainly read from my kindle app on my iPad, I also like to read paperbacks.

  68. Diana says:

    Kindle app, Google app,and Prestigio app I found on Google app store. Love it for some of the harder download content that takes Google app forever to open. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  69. Sharon says:

    I read pdfs on my computer.

  70. Kay says:

    On the Kindle App on my phone or MS Surface Pro 4–OR Google Play Books on my phone, too!

  71. Drea McKinney says:

    I read on a kindle fire that a friend gave me when she upgraded. Love my books any way I can get them!

  72. Kaylene McCormack says:

    I only read on my iPad but I have the kindle app on it so can swap over when I want. This way I never miss out on my favourite journeys of the imagination!

  73. Ana says:

    I read on my tablet and my phone on kindle app.

  74. SuzyFren says:

    I read on my old iPad with the kindle app❤️
    My email is: suzy042008@att.net

  75. Andra says:

    I read print books and ebooks on my Kindle Paperwhite.

  76. Sandy Kelly says:

    If Im reading ebooks, I read on my Nook. I prefer print books but ebooks are space saving LOL! I do have the kindle app though to read some authors that are amazon only.

  77. Sheri Secord says:

    I read on my kindle. But I still love paperbacks.

  78. Sheila H. says:

    I have a first gen Kindle Fire. Got it from the SO when he upgraded. So now, I’m hooked on eBooks.

  79. Emily Johnson says:

    I read everything but my favorite is my nook

  80. Margaret pack says:

    I read on iPad or my iPhone

  81. Regina Allen says:

    Mostly my Kindle or Kindle app and sometimes a paperback.

  82. Joye says:

    I like to hold the book in my hands so I like a paperback. I have read on a Kindle

  83. Christina Riggs says:

    I enjoy reading good old paperbacks and Kindle.

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