What readers want in a romance hero…and the winner of Freebie Friday!

In Friday’s Freebie Friday post, I asked the question, “What trait in a romance hero is most important to you?”

Man, did I get answers! Readers had quite a list, and there was no one quality that dominated the list. You can read all the comments, but here’s a sampling of what readers said:

“I love for the hero to be a little rough but also gentle, to be possessive when he wants to protect what’s his.”

“Tenderness toward the heroine. To me, that is their strength.”

“I love Alpha males who have the strength to tame their females and the tenderness to win their hearts in the process.”

“Physically sculpted and a passionate (read melt your panties) kisser.”

“The qualities that I like in a romance hero are intelligence (a sense of cunning/deviousness) , protective, possessive, stubborn, dominant, loyal and most importantly, a sense of humour.”

“From my male pov: putting her needs before his, even if he is an alpha Dom who rides cycles and his women hard.”

“Not being a jerk is #1.”

“I want a hero who treats his woman as his equal but can still make her squirm and moan in bed while she screams his name.”

“Respect. Whether he’s alpha or beta, courageous or cunning, handsome or scarred, he has to show respect for and care of the heroine. It’s how the hero treats his heroine makes him a hero in the first place.”

“A beard and a sense of humor does it for me!”


More than 50 people posted comments! Selected by Random.org, the winner of the drawing for a Terran’ notebook and a Cara Bristol pen is…

Adaiah La Vonda

Thank you everyone for participating! Freebie Friday is always held on the fourth Friday of the month here on carabristol.com. I ask question, you post your answer, and you’re entered into the drawing for a prize.

The next Freebie Friday will be October 27. 

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