When feral fever strikes, more than tempers get hot. TIGRE: Alien Castaways is LIVE! Release Day!

TIGRE: Alien Castaways 6 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) has been released on Amazon, BN, Apple Books, GooglePlay, and Kobo.


When feral fever strikes, more than tempers get hot…

During an investigation, small town cop Kat Kelley encounters the most arresting man she’s ever seen. But before she can make her move, the soul-stirring, saber-toothed alien with topaz eyes growls at her. Who does that? This potential relationship is DOA, case closed. She’s confident her heart will fall in line once she immerses herself in the upcoming law enforcement training conference in Vegas.

Tigre, a Saberian from planet ’Topia, instantly recognizes Kat as his genmate, so he doesn’t hesitate to let her know. That’s when everything goes wrong. By the disdainful curl of her lips, the stunning human lets him know she finds him lacking as a mate. Fine, then. Somehow, he will extinguish the feral fever’s burn—a little trip to Las Vegas ought to do it.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless you wake up married to an alien.

Tigre is a standalone read in the Alien Castaways series.

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