When greeting aliens, no simple hello will do…from Married to the Cyborg, #ScifiRom



Association of Planets Ambassador Penelope attends an AOP gala. She gets cornered by a very talkative alien ambassador, but is then “rescued” by her assistant. The first line is his:

“We should have a secret gesture–tugging on your left earlobe means, ‘Save me.’”

Penelope chuckled. “Good idea.”

She worked the crowd, greeting acquaintances and meeting as many new people as she could. Chatting might seem like a no-brainer, but when the guest list comprised hundreds of races and cultures from across the galaxy, no simple hello sufficed. The translator in her ear helped her word a greeting, but she had to learn the accompanying physical gesture on her own.  Shaking hands, a Terran custom, wasn’t universally practiced. Some beings turned their backs as a sign of trust, some stomped their feet, others bowed, many bobbed their heads, a few waved tentacles.

Two hours later, her head hurt, and not just from trying to remember the protocols. The Ischians butted foreheads in greeting—and she’d met several of them.

Married to the Cyborg blurb

Glitz. Glamour. Kidnapping.

Anyone who is anyone attends the annual Association of Planets gala, the largest, fanciest soiree in the galaxy.

-Do exactly as I tell you, and you won't get hurt-Escorted by her husband Brock, Penelope “Pia” Aaron attends the event to mix and mingle with the galaxy’s power elite to further her career as an AOP ambassador.

Brock Mann isn’t there to serve as his wife’s plus-one.

A cyborg and a field agent with the covert force Cyber Operations, Brock knows the glitzy, glamorous evening isn’t going to end happily for one individual. An intercepted partial communique has revealed that one gala attendee will kidnapped. Who the intended victim is, why the person is being taken and by whom—that’s what Cy-Ops must find out to stop the abduction.

And then Pia is taken.

Without knowing who or why she was targeted, Brock must race against the clock to find his wife before she’s killed.

Saving the girl and the galaxy just got personal.

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11 Responses to When greeting aliens, no simple hello will do…from Married to the Cyborg, #ScifiRom

  1. I love this! Culture extends so far beyond language. The head-butting would definitely get old fast!

  2. Ouch! Head butting is not the way anyone wants to spend a pleasant evening. I hope her husband is watching out for her tugging her ear.

  3. Wonderful although I agree the head butting would get old. What an imagination, girl.

  4. Oh dear, interstellar diplomacy can be a challenge! I feel for her, with the had bumping…great excerpt.

  5. Rin says:

    Headaches are no fun, I hope it won’t impede on what’s going to happen next. o.o
    Interesting snippet!

  6. I’m sure you’re correct about different types of greeting. Head butting is a fun idea!

  7. Oh no! Sounds like being an Ambassador is space is hard work. I love when the customs of different cultures are explored. Fab snippet!

  8. Love the humor in this passage. I can see that it would be hard for her to run head-first into alien customs.

  9. Since shaking hands is supposed to be a way to show you’re unarmed, it makes sense that different cultures would have varied ‘hello’s.’ After all, not even every human culture shakes hands! Head butts, huh? They must have tough skulls, those aliens.

  10. Amy Braun says:

    Sounds like a complicated situation, but I think she handled it well. Also, I like the signal. It’s subtle and clever!

  11. I love the cultural information you’ve included. It brought the whole thing to life for me! Turning their backs to indicate trust makes such perfect sense to this Terran. lol Head butting? Yikes!

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